Alternative energy is ahead of the pace of growth of traditional

Alternative energy is ahead of the pace of growth of traditionalThe use of renewable energy in the world, despite the economic crisis continues to grow — the second consecutive year the U.S. and Europe are increasing power capacity more from alternative sources, the report of the UN Environment Programme (UNEP).

In Europe in 2009, 60% of new generating capacity was created by renewable sources. In the U.S., this figure exceeded 50%.

"Significant progress in the development of alternative energy sources, China has achieved. The level of public and private investment in this area has increased in 2009 by 53%. China overtook the United States to this index, taking first place in the world. All China added 37 GW of generating capacity from renewable sources "- the document says.

According to the UNEP report, the number of countries following the new trends, has increased over the past few years is two-fold. In 2005, states that support the development of clean energy, was 55. Now these countries are already more than 100.

UNEP believes that investments in clean energy have shown resilience to the financial downturn. Many governments and companies have decided to use the economic crisis as an excuse to start actively to develop alternative energy.

In 2009 the most popular new energy source was wind, investment in the development of which reached record levels. In 2010 and 2011, experts predict an even greater increase in the share of alternative energy in the world.

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