Anastasia Palazhanka Judge Helen Shilko: Do not let lawlessness!

On the Day of the Constitution of the deputy chairman of the "Young Front" Anastasia Palazhanka sent an open letter to the judge Elena Shilko and "affected" by Konstantin Savitsky and Oleg Malyshev, who will be the "main character" in the court on March 21 in the case of Dmitry Dashkevich and Eduard Lobau.

"Justice — is a joy for the fair, and this evil to do evil. This letter is addressed to you as a person that takes responsibility before God and the people during the infamous trial trial the leaders of the "Young Front".

I appeal to you to avoid lawlessness in court and, recalling the moral and criminal responsibility for an unjust sentence, I urge you to leave our friends and associates ", — H writesAsta Palazhanka, According to the press service of the Young Front.

"I am a person that has long disappointed in the judicial system of Belarus and do not have any illusions about the decision by the judges. But turn, as a believer, I want to warn you — for all that the Lord will judge. (Ecclesiastes 11:9). When a person is judged unfairly, the Lord does not see?

I knowingly addressing this appeal to you on the Day of the Constitution. If the Word of God does not have the authority to you, the authority may have a Constitution? Then recall that "judges are independent when i azhytstsyavlenni justice subject only to the law." (Art.110 of the Constitution) " — Writes an activist of "Young Front".

Anastasia Palazhanka drawn in an open letter to the police and to be witnessed by the case. "Konstantin Savitsky, Oleg Malyshev, you have fallen victim status criminal case Dashkevycha-Lobau. A false witness mocks Court (Proverbs 19:28). Not allow bullying to trial on March 21 and you'll be well pleasing to the Lord.

The guys come out sooner or later .. But you? Where you find yourself? Everyone will be judged according to their routes. And I urge you, referring to the scripture, hate evil, love good, and restore justice. (Amos 5:15) ", — writes in his appeal Anastasia Palazhanka.

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