Another earthquake in western Turkey

Residents of the provincial capital of Kütahya and areas Shaphane, Pazarlar, Hisarchik, Gediz, Emet and Tavşanlı in western Turkey poured into the streets, feeling the tremors.

An earthquake measuring 4.2 points occurred on Wednesday, July 20, 2011. This is the second earthquake in the area in recent months. The first earthquake in Kutahya almost led to an environmental disaster.

According to the Kandilli Observatory (Bosphorus University) and Earthquake Research Institute, the earthquake began at 12:16 pm at a depth of five kilometers. Its epicenter was located near Sim.

Previous earthquake in Kutahya occurred May 19, 2011 at 23.15 local time, its epicenter was in the same county in Simav 77 kilometers south-west of Kutahya, 330 kilometers from Ankara.

Then it was the aftershocks of magnitude 5.9 points, which destroyed thousands of buildings. Approximately 25,000 residents after the earthquake had to live in tents.

Still mindful of the consequences of the May earthquake, residents in a panic to flee their homes as soon as felt the tremors. In Simave even those whose houses were not damaged by the earthquake on May 19, ran into the street in an attempt to save themselves from the elements.

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