Appeared in the British city of smart trash cans

One of the cities of Britain under the name Bat decided to use green technology solar energy to create "smart" garbage cans, standing in the streets. To garbage trucks not often traveled and cleaned out the garbage collection point to not have to spend more on packaging waste not harmless plastic bags, 26 garbage cans in Bath have a special compression system for details. The amazing thing is that this system works on solar panels installed on the box.

Appeared in the British city of "smart" trash cans

Signals that the tank is too much waste coming from its two full sensor. Reaching a specified level within the tank, debris under the influence of the compressor is sealed and in the box there is still a place for a new portion of debris. Thus, a "smart" tank can hold up to 8 times more garbage than usual is not mechanized. Thanks to solar panels installed tanks take nothing out of power, but rather maintain a municipal electricity.
Another know-how in the miracle-tanks is a wireless monitoring system that allows the cleaners through a text message remotely obtain information about the moment when the tank must be cleaned. Despite the fact that the value of the invention cost of $ 1610 for each tank, Bath in the future plans to save up to $ 48,327 on fuel for garbage trucks and other associated costs. If all goes as planned, the city will get a new batch of "green" garbage.

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