Astrakhan sturgeon plant will route through the shops

One of Astrakhan hatcheries specializing in fish breeding sturgeon, proposed regional tour operators to open new tourist route on the objects of their production, said on Tuesday the Ministry of Sport and Tourism of the Astrakhan region.

Aquaculturists offer enthusiasts to combine two popular styles: tehnoturizm and ecotourism, studying the artificial reproduction of the "Caspian Queen" — white sturgeon, the largest freshwater fish in the world, on the verge of extinction and recorded in the "Red Book".

"A new tourist route proposed Astrakhan agencies will be called" A visit to Beluga — Caspian Queen. "It involves traveling from Astrakhan in Narimanov district, inspection of cage farms with sturgeon and beluga, product and broodstock. Promotional tour by the new route travel agencies in the region were a great pleasure, "- said in a statement.

According to the Ministry, representatives of tourist business proposal considered promising.

"These are the routes are primarily interested in non-resident and foreign tourists — to go on a visit to the Fish and see how it develops, to hear the story of the guide and employee management about the life and beluga sturgeon in the wild, the content in the cage farms and the conservation of fish stocks region. And, of course, enjoy the Astrakhan fish dishes "- leads the ministry view of participants study tour.

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