At the construction site of the nuclear power plant detained journalist

Today Astravets was arrested and taken to the local police reports online newspaper "Solidarity" Sergei Balay.

The journalist went on a business trip on the editorial assignment to interview local residents regarding the construction of nuclear power plants Ostrovetskaya, given the recent events in Japan.

But here's what he said the first thing the editor:

— I was approached by criminal investigation officers to check the documents, when I had finished gathering information for a story. Then I went to the station to return to Minsk, but law enforcement officials have returned. They took me to the local department Interior. Rewrite ratings, asking what I'm doing here. Said he was calling the locals reported that walks through the village and a journalist asks about something. In this regard, they allegedly had react.

After a while Sergei Balay called back, saying that the explanation of it is taken, and police on the car to take him to the station.



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