Australia: new floods can wash a Victoria

Australia: new floods can wash a VictoriaElement prepares Australia for 10 anxious days.
In the next 10 days of the Australian state of Victoria will be under water, the surface of which extend to 90 kilometers, warn the Australian authorities.

Service for disaster management staff has developed evacuation plans for residents of the eastern regions of Victoria, which can be completely isolated from other parts of the continent.

Victorians are making active attempts to somehow prevent the impending disaster. For example, in some parts of the Murray River urgently erected additional man-made dam.

Multibillion-dollar loss

According to Deputy Prime Minister Wayne Swan, Australia floods had affected were the most costly natural disaster for the Treasury in the history of the country. The first floods in Australia have been officially recorded 130 years ago.

In his first year in prison for Economic Affairs Swan noted that the financial damage caused by the current floods exceeded the damage caused by forest fires in 2009, which killed 173 people.

Victoria and Queensland are engaged in coal mining and agriculture. Economists estimate that the disruptions of the two branches of the floods will cost the country three billion Australian dollars (more than 2 billion U.S. dollars).

Disaster may be even an additional 20 billion Australian dollars.

The walls of the sand

Over the last month killed more element 30. In Queensland, nine people are still unaccounted for.

Although, according to meteorologists, the worst for all of the state's already happened, the people of Queensland continues to build around their city walls of sandbags.

Two weeks ago, this part of Australia was under water by 4.46 meters. The search for bodies of victims continues.

Rescue workers are clearing the streets of the overturned car, building blocks, broken boats and other debris, the total mass of which is estimated by the ton.

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