Australia swept fires

Firefighters fighting with fire in Australia Photo: APAuthorities evacuated people from dangerous areas.

In Australia, the raging element: after the cyclone, which hit the country on the west coast of the continent the fire started.

Flame covered a lot of buildings, but reports of casualties were reported. Catastrophe, had already destroyed 20 homes.

The flames raging in Perth, where authorities have evacuated about 100 people. It is known that the fire spreads in communities and Rolistoun Kelmskott. Several highways were closed for security reasons.

Currently, the elements are fighting about 150 firefighters, backed by helicopters.

Source of fire in the forest was discovered before the north-east of Perth. Strong winds complicate the work of firefighters. At the moment, a fire destroyed 800 hectares of forest, the "Bi-bi-si."


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