Badge of Courage and honor of Russian sailors

Exactly 111 years ago, the water was lowered famous cruiser "Varyag". He became a real emblem of valor for the Russian sailors. The cruiser "Varyag" and the gunboat "Korean" showed the world that the honor and courage to Russian — not just words.

The symbol of valor and honor Russian sailors

At the beginning of the Russian-Japanese war cruiser "Varyag" and the gunboat "Korean" are in the neutral Korean port Chemulpo available to Russian Embassy in Seoul. February 9, 1904 port was blocked by an armada of Japanese ships. The captain of the "Varyag" receives an ultimatum: up to 12 hours to leave port on the other Russian ships will be attacked on the roads. Leave port without a fight, the Mariners are not permitted to honor. For them to die in combat real warriors was much better than living with the stigma of fleeing cowards. They swore Russian Empire and were faithful to their own oath to the end. In the afternoon of the same day or the Russian ships proudly out of the port. Coming out of the port, they fall under the cross, mercilessly consuming many times superior opponent. Russian sailors did not panic, do not panic-stricken, and worthy of all the guns responded, as befits a true fighter. Of course, by coincidence of events, our gallant forefathers could not win. Our proud "Varyag" is severe damage that should not continue, and vorachivaetsya ago port, which was flooded. To avoid capture gunboat "Korean", which suffered less decided on its explosion. The ships that were lost in combat is unresponsive iron, but the people running these ships have made this iron emblem of valor and honor of Russian sailors. In combat, killed 30 Russian seamen and 1 officer. And most Japanese fleet had left the battlefield without a loss. From a report of Captain Rudnev: Japanese also killed about 30 people, sank one destroyer and harmed 4-rep kreyseram.A Japanese side officially claims not to incur any losses. The fact remains that the people of the country of the rising sun stormed our ships at a neutral location that is not in a combat zone. Not what kind of samurai honor and a call can not be.

The symbol of valor and honor Russian sailors

In 1905, the inhabitants of the country of the rising sun raised the Russian symbol of courage and honor, and brought him into the composition of its fleet. In 1916, Our homeland buys "Varyag" and over it again, George was raised pennant. In 1917, the ship sent for repair in Glasgow, where he did not come back. He confiscated the UK for debt of the Royal Government. Ended the way the "Varyag" in 1920: following for parts, cruiser sat on stones and sank off the coast of the South of Scotland, in the Firth of Clyde, near the village Lendelfut.

Fight for it Chemulpo feat Russian sailors. Heroic act of "Varyag" was delighted with the whole of Europe, and even Japan, Russian explorers came to the canons of samurai honor. About the exploits of the "Varyag" every citizen should know of, but vryat it is. And if they do, they have some turn the language to say that the act of seafarers "Varyag" is foolishness, madness. They did not change the overall course of the war, but they have shown throughout the world, Russian prepared to fight to the last drop of blood for our land and national interests. Feat hardly covered in the media. Although he dedicated the song "The enemy does not surrender our proud" Varyag "" and "cool splashing waves," dating back to 1946 in the Soviet Union was filmed the movie "The Cruiser" Varyag "." But it is not insignificant enough to exploit this magnitude. Russians do not know their own characters. But they are almost every day staring at our television films western Cinématographe in which glorified their history, their feats fighter. We forget our history. On such actions as feat "Varyag" to educate young people of the Russian Federation!

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