Bane bin Laden — a geopolitical game (shtrishki to mental portrait of the U.S.)

May 2, 2011 Osama bin Laden "was not" — May 2, was born the new Islamic sufferer. After May 2 the world has not become safer, and the world community to have defected from the era of the era of terrorist Osama bin Laden sufferer.

Hundreds and thousands of publications on this topic have confused public opinion and ordinary commoner to a state of loss of perception of the topic. The person ceases to receive information, with the illusion of information. This process of military psychology bears the title of information overload. And this is not a goal pursued under the control of the United States and the world's media, using this technology — the flaw of geopolitical appeal the 1st of own-controlled actors, Kojima was and is bin Laden. It must be said that this scenario is quite effective, but man, it's designed — the genius of special operations. There is no doubt that the CIA and the NSA are such experts.

Do Osama's death was the American military-political machine in 2011? Neither before 2001 nor in 2001, even more so in 2011. his death was no use to anybody. It is clear that applied earlier point missiles at the alleged hideout of Osama were not the purpose of his eksterminatsii, and only the application of real harm. Osama has always remained alive. Someone like any South American military is clear about the strategy of carpet bombing and stuff, after which even the ants die. Becomes natural that the death of Osama was not necessary. Of course, the number one terrorist executed global plans for the Causes of the United States as the world's fighter for democracy. The first step is made — came second step of the project of globalization of the world scenario which in 2011 already unfolding in North Africa and the Middle East. Specifically on the new stage of expansion of the world, Osama bin Laden lost its ideological value, as well as his life or death. As a mother's words are joined Osama-Sabiha, which in 2001 declared that bin Laden was the fall of 2001 he decided to commit suicide in front of the cameras. The video should have done the Qatari television station "Al Jazeera." After the speech, 18-year-old son Abdullah had to kill his father shot in the head in the presence of his own younger brother, Mohammed. It becomes clear that perdition Osama Bin Laden will not be getting rid of the world population from terrorism. Perdition Osama can become new terrorist horror.

South American providers, military psychologists of different countries and to Dr. Dmitry Olshansky (Our Fatherland), this is understandable, and they warned about it. The identity of Osama bin Laden's pretty well researched military psychologists that has always given the opportunity not only impact on him, his behavior, and to predict its actions, rather reliably identify the places subsequent attacks.

(In this context, I will say that after the terrorist attack on the capital Dubrovke in 2002, I was a military psychologist tightly began exploring terrorism in Russia and individual terrorists. Was identified certain law and promising areas of terrorist attacks. Unfortunately, the information exchange network between the military psychologists not then, not now exist. Which, of course, is a huge omission)

Next — the U.S. military said that the body of the deceased Osama bin Laden addressed respectfully and that it was cast into the sea. The body, wrapped up a snow-white shroud, was positioned in the bag with a load placed on the board, bowed and lowered into the waters of the Arabian Sea. It came out at 6 am GMT, after about 12 hours after shooting at the house where Osama bin Laden was hiding.

And not to the Arabian Sea will become a place of worship of terrorists, and not this view is in the center of the Arab region, shrouded in mass unrest, armed conflict and to be geopolitical transformation in the coming 10 years, according to the State. Depa United States.

NSA Director from April 2005 — Lieutenant General Keith B. Alexander (Alexander, Keith B.)

It is clear that after 1945 and the Nuremberg trials of war criminals of the body to be precise identification (to avoid doubles). The evidence base should be predstvalena in international courts, the international community and the media. And Americans know it perfectly. Not surprisingly whether that odious terrorist enemy world Democracy Osama bin Laden in 30 years did internationality of the court? As the evidence base and will not ever need. (It is clear that many of the Nazi perpetrators find their refuge in the U.S. after 1945).

How should a killing and death of Osama bin Laden should be considered as a successful, high-quality hoax, which headed for informational purposes in the public consciousness.

And that still further after the "death" of bin Laden? He became what was to become, defected to the other quality, and how should the geopolitical order in the Middle East should become one. Prepared for this other "actors", with other puzzles.

Osama will not be coming to haunt the world public opinion, we are likely more about him shall never hear. He met his old age in the family, with good security, at a comfortable peninsula, thousands of whom are scattered in the vast ocean. Since he used to live in hiding the last 30 years.
Municipal U.S. terrorism will flourish.

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