Bane in the barracks

Soon the cases of Death fighter — Military conscripts in the inner parts of the Russian Federation. Not so long ago otshumeli stories that have received massive coverage in the Russian media associated with death and humiliation conscripts tank and infantry units. What after all is the premise of hatred and prerequisite conflicts between co-workers?

In fact, the circumstances of tremendous huge amount, ranging from racial hatred at a mass contact members of fascist groups or nationalist views, to misunderstanding and not taking life and passions, thoughts fighter Sex appeal of contact with colleagues. It is also often possible to see the hatred caused by zakompleksovannostyu the whole person or underdeveloped morale. There are cases of so-called "hazing" does not fit when the new fighter enters the alien to him the situation causing the so-called psychic shock, so that it is subjected to "physical punishment" is not caused by cohesion of new fighters and their separation.

Former "young men" who went through beatings and humiliation from their own senior colleagues try to take it out on the newcomers for their grievances and deprivation. Frequent cases of beatings, rape, well, just sadism towards young fighter. No such cases are rare inside a military unit, because every commander is lust "notoriety" for his own company, which means reducing the corporate ladder.
Just cause of death of young men can be a variety of personal drama and so called protracted depression. The premise of their appearance can be a letter from his beloved girl, saying that it's over between them, causing a violent explosion and sensual thoughts about the end of his normal life and a reluctance to accept the latest reality. Grueling exercise, which is an integral part of military training.

And sometimes it is a prerequisite — not the fulfillment of safety when working on the inflated threat objects such as shells or fuel depots. Just destruction (in this case, no other than a suicide) may be various forms of mental illness fighter, which missed psychiatrists urban collection points, military offices and grueling beatings and humiliation older soldiers. The penalty for perdition soldier in peacetime caused by watching the officers as such is limited to the decline in the position of the heads of military units. Also often ignored the psychological and physical health of young people while serving their service.

But let's not jump to conclusions and examine what is happening in our army. Serving in the army is not a game of chess. Military personnel in contact with the tool, equipment and other trauma unsafe objects. Constantly engaging in advocacy on safety. But you can not keep track of all, we do not have the ability to put to the soldier on each nurse. Because of this fact, and there are different incidents. Just affects the missing funding and a small amount of Prof. psychologists in the Army. Many recruits do not maintain mental strain due to incompatibility with the collective.

Most of the officers serve for poor wages, live in filthy criteria. Usually come to the service with a bunch of problems and naturally replaced in order to communicate with the professor psychologist who will contribute to the rehabilitation, they are often frustrated by their subordinates. Therefore cause Death in the army not only human factor, and the outdated and not a complete system. An urgent need to carry out military reform, to dignify the real position of employees, Prof. prepare personnel. It is necessary to approach more closely to the period of adaptation of the military.

Do not forget about how our media love to embellish the facts and stories of the thumb sucking. What is more shocking is the story, the more chances to realize her great facilities. And that our people love to read and listen to? Naturally about other people's dilemmas and grief. If we compare the ratio of dead servicemen in Russia with other countries of the world. It turns out that our home is not far away at first cause of death in the middle of the military. Then there is a follow-up question: who needs it? Why undermine the defense of the country? Spreading frankly exaggerated information about appeals and violent deaths in the middle of the military.

Let's look at things with our eyes and not give in to the provocative statements of people who are cashing in on someone else's grief. Let not our flawless army and that's a fact, and do not need so panicky fear. Let us entrust that future reforms will correct mistakes of the past. And soon the military profession is not just about a proud, and prestigious.

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