Bane of Torture

Last Libyan salting in France, having been a prisoner of the rebels during the reign of Gaddafi died from torture. Information about this passed English sources. According to Human Rights Watch, body Omar Brebesha with signs of torture were found in the clinic, the Zintan on the other day after the arrest of a diplomat.

Omar Brebesh in 2004-2008. was a cultural attache later — Libya's ambassador to France. In recent years, he has served as legal adviser to the Foreign Ministry Libya. On January 19, 62-year-old Brebesh willingly came from Zintan (where he had been summoned for interrogation) in Tripoli — the headquarters of the group "The martyrs of Ashura." January twentieth militants contacted the family of former ambassador and told that his body was in the clinic Zintan (100 km from Tripoli).

The pathologist who made the autopsy of the body of the deceased, reports that Brebesh died from injuries acquired in the process of torture and beatings. On the body Brebesha had a lot of cuts, scars, bruises, a former ambassador ribs broken and pulled out the nails on your feet. Offspring Brebesha states that the mouth and nose were covered with blood diplomat, a broken jaw.

Director of Human Rights Watch Country Near East and North Africa Sarah Leah Whitson said that the Libyan armed forces, unfortunately, continue to kill and torture prisoners. And they will continue to torture until such time as they are not put before the tribunal. Libyan favorites, says the director, there must be political will and finally to investigate the acts of criminals, regardless of the role played in the recent uprising.

According to human rights, armed groups of former rebels have in the country to sixty own prisons. There are tortured about 9 thousand supporters of Gaddafi, and all those who are suspected of being loyal to his regime. These lock-up occurs and execution. Late last year, international organization "Doctors without Borders" has suspended its work in Misrata bullpen.

NATO countries have supported the enemies Gaddafi and accused his government of human rights violations. Western favorites stated that after the overthrow of the regime Gaddafi democracy in Libya will come and will comply with all civilian law (ITAR-TASS).

As you know, Gaddafi and his son Muatasim after the capture were tortured and executed without trial. The second son of Libyan favorite, Seif al-Islam, was captured by rebels from the same Zintan, where to find the body Brebesha. At the moment, Seif al-Islam lies in Zintane, and meetings with his lawyer banned.

The transitional state council, now performs the role of the government of Libya, will not hold under the control of the formation of the former rebels. Council of State did not fulfill its own promises be based in the capital Tripoli, controlled by armed groups. Need to see that the Minister of Defense of Libya — Osama al-Dzhueyli — no one else but the favorite one of the largest groups of Zintan.

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