Batch creation of Su-35 will begin in 2013

Serial production of the Su-35 will begin in 2013

Batch creation of Su-35 will begin in 2013 year. On this, as reported by "RIA Novosti", said Air Force Commander RF Major General Victor Bondarev at the opening of a photo exhibition dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the Air Force RF in Moscow.

According to him, "Su-35 will go into a series since 2014, even, for sure, with 2013 , the T-50 — after 2015, "- said the agency.

When asked by reporters, V. Bondarev stated that "the enlargement of the Air Force airbases RF no impact on combat readiness. "

B.Bondarev noted that "some airfields were built more v1950 years of the last century and fell into disrepair. At the moment, the decision on integration of air bases, we do it on those airfields that have a future, We build them, bring to modern standards and will continue to pursue other airfields ", — the" RIA Novosti ".

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