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More than once, I've told them about his vision of the Stream of Life Development — who had heard that in the course, who have not heard — then so be it :)

Now decided to paint another picture. This time from the perspective of how they look, "step", according to which all are so eager to get "higher" in the heavenly realms of Being look like those "levels", which are rooted in the life of the reasons of the events and where do all sorts of life's hilarity and surprises.

To be clear: all Fictitious — this is just a kind of hook to reach the core of what I'm showing. Look for the text, not carp at words, and especially do not try to interpret certain terms with explanations of various other authors: everyone has their own vision. I'm here to describe his.

In short, through this form falls short of the fact — and let happiness be with you :) You can ask questions — the mood, I'll answer.

Well, fly? :)

Explore my next great creation (schema) are better from the bottom up — it will be clearer. Although, particularly advanced, you can start even from the side, at least from the center, though everywhere at once — as you prefer.

Scheme itself looks like this:

But this time I decided to add to it some of the descriptions …. Then tell us about your experience :) in general, read and check with picture diagrams.

So, we have the physical world (9) — hand / foot / head, while still Winnings brain is. This is something that can be touched by physical hands, feet trample physical, physical eyes to see and smell the natural nose.

Now go outside the boundaries of the physical world — a journey into the world of visions begins.

Now we look different "levels" (sorry, but how else to show / explain how not comparing one to the other?) Thin plane of existence. It is important to remember one simple rule: at the "lower" are consequences at the level of "above" — reasons. Stream of development is "top-down" — that is denser as we approach the matter. The fact that there is a "top", after a while manifested physically. Yes, of course, is not the whole picture — but for the convenience of today's journey we'll take a look from this side to make it more understandable. In general, remember this, then you will see how it works.

Closest to the physical body in the higher plane are different subtle body (8), its shape is strongly reminiscent of the physical body (essential at all "repeat" the contours of the physical body — then you can google if that permission :)).

Flown away from the physical body — look at a short distance. Already it is clear that many of these subtle bodies, and the boundaries between them somehow slightly blurred, and together they resemble a kind of glow around one big man (who has more, who have less — depending on the fullness of human energy: the more energy the brighter the light.) This is what is called the aura or biofield person (for example, in an Internet search for images of the same aurokamer), and the fact that so love to "cure" (yes, in quotes) all kinds of pseudo-healers. The diagram is a "level 7".

The connection between the physical body and the aura of a direct, as soon as something was broken in the aura, after a while it manifests in the physical. Someone "ate" your energy (aura became smaller and tuskney) — physics-fatigue. Someone "slashed" something ostroenergeticheskim on the etheric body — hole in the aura and the wound on the physics. This principle guided the majority of healers: working on thin body, so they are trying to cure his physical ailment. Yes, it works, but it is not so simple, because it is only the beginning :)

Fly farther. Above.

Next we are having so beloved masses Astral (6). How much of it is written / rewritten …. Yes, there are quite travel notes, but there is a lot of bullshit in the descriptions of the "level", so be careful with all of this (remember, so that any thought — it is podklyuchka to what you think, huh? that is if you've read about astral villains, be sure that they are already looking at you, as an egg in a frying pan).

What characterized this level? The fact that it is clearly visible form. Man is like a man with an alien planet gophers — an alien from the planet gophers. Than the "lower" levels of the astral plane, which you brought, the more it is full of all sorts of nastiness that looks quite impartially. And, conversely, the "higher" levels of the astral plane, where you are lucky enough to get, the more chances you have to communicate it to the angels there different. Well, in general — the "higher", so there are spacious and the "people" less (for all chertobesii not be comfortable in the glare of the angels, yeah). The more — the more energetically easier to be there. The more — the more pleasant …. It's true.

But let's not dwell on the astral plane — not my specialty. This is good and well in an Internet full :) We fly further. Above.

(5) That's fair, I do not know how to label on the verbal level is where we're going next — all these names out there already … In general, the images there talking, telepathy, and it's much thinner and more beautiful, in my opinion. How does it look? Clear shapes are beginning to blur — they are all the more "floating", a convertible. This is the level of energy that take that "form" that is needed in the moment. For example, if I have to explain to someone out there, looks like a lily flower, there simply take the form of a flower, become the lily — clearly the same :) If I need to talk to someone out of the "lower level" (the same astral ) — I take a clearer shape, the most appropriate to a particular situation. But there — easily, gently, freely. Now you're flying bird — a little cloud of energy like the outlines winged beauty, and then you want to run — and you are like a graceful doe, so luminous that it is not very clear where the end of this outline deer and starts the space in which it operates .

Yes, it is beautiful, comfortable and wonderful. But we do not stop and fly farther. Above.

The next "level" — is the net flows (or light) energy (4). There is no form at all — there's just the flow of energy. Yes, they have certain characteristics — color there, "smell", softness / sharpness, speed again, but this remains a net flow of energy. If this level is, for example, the contact of two different streams of energy, then what happens is that one of my friends is very aptly called "diffusion": they learn from each other some of the qualities / characteristics (if it is necessary, of course) — and then it change begins to affect the rest of his chain of "down" form on the lower level is beginning to change, and following that transformed the image of the astral plane, then changes the aura (the subtle body, one by one), and it eventually materializes in physical reality: in the form whether the changes in the physical body or in the form of a certain chain of events in a person's life — it depends on the circumstances. And it all started from a light touch of two energy flows …. You see, and as far as everything is fine?

But the level of flow / energy rays — is also only a stage on the way. Fly farther. Above.

Mindful of the fact that the level of "below" are the investigation, and the level of "above" — the reasons, right? Well, the reason that the energy has certain characteristics that are in their nature (3). The next "level" — a level of Essence (remember all the names of convention, look for the text, I'll show it.) There are no features — no color, no speed, no diffusion of one another. Energy flows here, consider "transparent." Here is what is called "fate", for example. That is, a set of "rules" set "what we want to know." How does it work? Very simple, but will talk about that some other time — this is a separate issue.

Fly farther. Above.
"Level" above different energy flows (or rather, their essence) are combined in a powerful flow of energy (2), and they further — even more powerful … And then they all merge into one common stream of life — and more to the point from which it "unfolds" (1). This is the beginning of all beginnings of the world (in the broadest sense of "the world"). View from there, "down", I describe this:

A point. The beginning of all beginnings. From the point of unfolding energy flow — Stream of Life, Feed Development, the flow of love, Flow Essence — a million titles, it is important, not the name now, but it is important that you saw him.

This stream flows / Light / flows / beam extends across the entire universe — in fact, thanks to him, it exists, and it is He. Powerful energy flow … Next Feed "forks", "troitsya" begin to separate from him, "rays". Thus between them there is no other space — the thread and there is space, but somewhere in the beam out "one way", and the other beam — in another, and so on.

Multiple beams — many worlds, many realities, many portals in different variations of Genesis. At the beginning of the world — a Ray, your piece Stream of Life. At the beginning of Reality — a Ray, your piece Stream of Life.

For each of the world Ray Stream of Life is the source of life, the source of energy being. Unusually large number of worlds — there are no numbers to express this number, and do not need it. There are no words to describe the majority of the IE of these worlds, and the place is not enough here. Those who can travel to other worlds, talk about them from time to time — read them.

As the flow of energy compaction Life Rays take on various forms, are different shapes. First, they create worlds, and then populate these worlds variety of creatures, filling them with the life of your Current. But it is all one and the same thread …

One of these rays has created a world in which people live. The same beam is full of life of their souls and their bodies. As we approach the matter this energy flow becomes denser and denser, until he become solid matter (while remaining inherently energy). So there are even more solid matter, which people use in their lives. And the interaction between people — also manifestations of the same energy flow. But the essence of the whole is left alone — the flow of life energy.

Now clearly seen that the energy of life is in everything. ESSENCE is visible when you see this stream of life within any symptoms themselves or not-self. And while it is clear that when you see the point — you can see it is this stream of life.

Some call it God, others — divine flow. Someone sees him through Jesus, Allah, Buddha — but it is one and the same flow of energy.

He has no emotions, no desires, there is nothing but progress. Development itself for its own sake, for the sake of research into new forms of life, to create new forms of life. He has no "good" or "bad", "beautiful" or "ugly", "low" or "high" — it's all invented people only to compare one particles Stream of Life, on the other a part of the Stream of Life.

And when your mind starts to not just see it, and not just the subtle body begins to feel, but when you start to live with it, and all the time — is obviously all.

And the "superior" to climb this flow, the closer to its source, and further from the solid matter … so I wonder what will happen if you go through the point from which he "takes"? I feel that soon we'll find out :)

And there is more … But that's next, I will not at this time. Or in another universe. Because at the verbal level, I now can not express it — sooner it.

That's short of the global :)

And now a bonus: all who read it to the end — congratulations, on the higher plane you just made travel very, very high. Remember the condition, your feelings now — this is important. Now we will proputeshestvovali "the handle", but all "feature of Genesis" is that you can do it on their own without any help. Otherwise — fail.

So here, my dear, I showed you, so if anything, you know where you are. Now, let's do. Good Luck! :)

Author: Alamayna

Category: The prophecies and predictions, visions and hypotheses

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