Boar out of the forest to the west of Moscow in search of food

Boars that Friday morning were seen in the Western district of Moscow, could get out of the Serebryanyi forest in search of food, told RIA Novosti the Moscow Department of Natural Resources and Environment.

Earlier, some media reported that the four big boar scare people Academician Pavlov Street in the west of the city. A flock of animals running around on the lawn between the houses, and then headed toward the woods adjacent to the area Krylatskoye.

"According to experts, the boars are close to housing because residents they are fed or fed stray dogs and wild boars find this food. Doing this should not be.'s Also possible, the animals just walking and accidentally went to the people," — said the agency worker .

She said that wild boars live in the southern part of the Serebryanyi forest area included in the city limits. "Earlier in the footsteps left it was calculated that in this forest area holds about four to seven individuals," — said the agency interlocutor.

She added that the traces of wild boar are most often found near Moscow.

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