Brazilian straightening and hair repair

This technique, as the Brazilian keratin hair straightening, is a real boon for the girls with curls who want to change their image. If your curly locks, then you have only three ways to straighten. First — every morning with hot irons to smooth strands. The second — a chemical straightening with all that it implies in a dry, brittle, likelihood of allergic reactions, etc. The third way — to go to a beauty salon and make the procedure BKT (Brazilian Keratin Treatment — «Brazilian keratin treatment").

We advise you to pay attention to the third of these options, because the technology does not harm the hair, on the contrary, restores them and makes them healthier. Many wonder why the method is called a Brazilian? Quite simply, this type of rectification and recovery locks invented in Brazil. Keratin straightening, first tested on hard hair Brazilians in humid tropical climate, gives excellent results. As part of the formula — extracts from 14 medicinal plants growing in Brazil, and minerals.

The base of the active ingredient used natural keratin — a fibrous protein that is the basis of the structure of hair. Using drugs to Brazilian straightening, you can not just turn the curls into straight strands, but also completely heal, restore damaged locks of any type.

Leading specialists beauty salons recommend treating keratin all those whose locks are injured as a result of coloring, perming, bleaching, blow-drying, wearing curlers, smoothing irons, tools for installation. The technology also restore hair keratin is shown with a very thin and pushing the hair, as it allows them to make a heavier, thicker, stronger, and more obedient.

This technique is properly called "keratin straightening effect recovery." That is, it is, in fact, medical therapy, the side effect of which was very popular and took the lead. Girls, coming to a beauty salon in order to straighten the hair, as a bonus they get professional treatment.

Advantages of Brazilian keratin treatment:

• composition of the CGT straights and completely safe, including children;
• straighten even the most rigid curls;
• damaged hair structure is restored;
• color-treated strands strengthened;
• solve the problem of static electricity;
• much easier to process daily styling;
• The effect lasts for four to six months (with time ripple back, but the structure of hair is better than it was before the procedure.)

Today, this technique is the best of all existing technologies and straightening hair treatment. Despite the fact that the drugs are sold over the CGT in specialized stores and over the Internet, the procedure is only performed in beauty salons.

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