Called the cause of the leak of bromine in Chelyabinsk

Railways in their reasons for leakage of bromine wagon in Chelyabinsk. According to a press release, the capacity of bromine were broken due to violation of the rules of attachment and loading. In addition, the bottles have been properly packed.

In Railways blame the accident believe the shipper — the Ukrainian company "Public Company" Brom. " Probably meaning of "Bromine", which is the sole manufacturer of the substance in the Ukraine. The plant is located in Krasnoperekopsk. Earlier it was reported that the structure, which shattered vessel with bromine, followed Krasnoperekopsk of the Altai.

Bromine Leak in Chelyabinsk occurred at night on September 1. In the car on the main station of the city broke about 50-liter cans of bromine. Two hundred people went to the hospital with symptoms of slight poisoning by bromine.

City Manager City Sergei Davydov said that city officials know about the leak late. "The main things were from three o'clock in the morning, and railway officials said after two hours, not knowing what action to take and how to get out of the situation. If we have learned about this before and arranged the problems would have been less" — leads His words RIA Novosti.

Earlier Chelyabinsk transport prosecutor's office said that he was going to prosecute an employee of the South Urals Railroad. It filed an administrative case against. report

Three people are in hospital after being hospitalized in Chelyabinsk complaining of feeling unwell after a leak of liquid bromine at the railway station of the city. All the doctors after the leak of bromine asked 215 people, including four children. 55 people were hospitalized.

Most people complained of cough, pain in the eyes, watery eyes, allergic reactions. "The state of three patients, doctors assessed as moderate, the rest — mild" — ITAR-TASS in health department of Chelyabinsk.

Bromine leak from one of the trains in Chelyabinsk was discovered on September 1 in 2 hours 20 minutes. The car was quickly removed from the station in a designated area, where it was exposed to the cordon. In the 14 hours 8 minutes accident was eliminated. Dangerous concentrations of bromine vapor in the air were found.

Wagon with bromine was unloaded. Damaged containers are moved to special spetsplatfomy with sand, the whole package — a special wagon. It will be brought out of the area. Train with special cargos go to the destination to the Altai, bypassing Chelyabinsk and other major towns of the Southern Urals.

Investigation Department of Transport opened a criminal case on the grounds of an offense under the first part of Article 247 of the Russian Criminal Code ("transportation, storage or other handling of chemical substances in violation of the rules, if these acts have created a threat of significant harm to human health or the environment").


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