Camoe scale study of the brain

Biologists University of Portsmouth begin their extensive study of processes of change and the aging brain of the system and reduce the cognitive abilities. On their research, which for four years, biologists have given a grant sum six hundred thousand pounds.

British biologists focus their attention on scientific poorly studied proteins called Kir4 1, which likely contributes to the ability of the problems of dementia and multiple sclerosis, as stated by The Daily Mai.

Protein Protein is a key element in the management oligodendratsitami — special cells in the brain, spinal cord, which form a substance called myelin — sheath of nerve fibers. Previously, scientists have found that when any damage myelin sheath in the brain signal is automatically broken. The destruction of myelin leads to diseases as multiple sclerosis and autoimmune diseases.

Another element to the objective study of biologists would Gas 6 protein, which stimulates productivity oligodendratsitov and ensures their survival in the environment.

According to the biologists, cell oligodendratsitov quite active form in the system of human brain, from birth and during the first years of life. People older cells are also frequently updated, but with the process of maturation process runningaway oligodendratsitov becomes slower. This slows down the regeneration of white element that is associated with cognitive functions. This is also reflected in the continuous operation of the hippocampus, which is responsible for the function of memory consolidation, that is, the transition from the short-term memory into long-term memory.

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