Card sharks are underwater areas

In some species of sharks found cartographic skills.
It was found that in the search for food, shelter or sexual partner shark fox and tiger sharks do not wander randomly at sea depths and expanses of the ocean, and is followed by a certain route.

And sometimes the territory they live up to several thousand square kilometers. This opinion of the fox and tiger sharks suggested Janis Papastamatiu. He is the Natural History Museum of the U.S. state of Florida and is a contributor to recent studies by sharks fractal analysis.

To study the ability of sharks were selected a few individuals. They attached a special sensors, which have helped scientists to track and analyze the routes of movement of these sharks.

It was found that if a small territory they inhabited, sharks can navigate through their sensory abilities to smell, temperature, magnetic field and the direction of flow, then travel to far distant expanses of the ocean they can not do without a good spatial memory and knowledge of the relief area. Studies sharks from different age groups show that skills in orienteering they did not belong to the category of inborn instincts, and acquired over time. Typically, adult fish are much better known "hidden area" than the young. And the fact that sharks are expanding their territory in search of habitat, for example, the food, and then there repeatedly returning shows on their ability to memorize.
Ability to navigate the terrain of sharks, their spatial memory and follow a certain route indicates the possession of so-called "mapping abilities."

The uniqueness of this research lies in the fact that until recently was extended to the firm belief of scientists that "mapping abilities" may be given only large animals that live on land, not in the depths of the ocean.

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