Chapter EMERCOM in Kuban: a huge wave was impossible to predict

The head of Russia's EMERCOM the Krasnodar Territory Alexander Kazlikin acknowledges that public notification of the flood in the night of July 7 has worked effectively, but says that huge wave, which was on the Crimean, it was impossible to predict.

Victims of flooding in the region, according to the latest data, was 171 people. The most affected city Krymsk.

"The wave was on half of 5,95-6,98 m. Predictions to flood more than half the city was not. Was not meant that more than half (the city) can flood element. Appearance of such waves can not be predicted," — told reporters Kazlikin .

According to him, such a flood in the Kuban never was. He noted that the biggest flood in the village of Gorski was in 2005, when he fell approximately 295 millimeters. Fallen in Krymsk rainfall — more than 300 millimeters, added Kazlikin.

He said that investigators are now checking how the administration worked Krymsk civil defense department of city administration. Departmental head said that, in particular, the investigation finds out whether the lines running on the warning on television and radio information.

"Effective was it? In this case, unfortunately, is not effective," — declared Kazlikin.

He said that he personally has not been interrogated.

"While I personally did not question, but still I am the head of MES Krasnodar region, I think I will have to question," — said Kazlikin.

On Tuesday, some media reported that the head of the interrogation is EMERCOM in Krasnodar.

Kazlikin now in Krymsk and directs the forces and resources in the HQ.

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