Cheerful Gorodets (Nizhny Novgorod region)

Gorodets clearly stands out from the typical number of regional centers. The first thing that comes to mind when you come to Gorodets: people want to live here. They settled here a long time. They like the place where they live. They will not want to leave.  The first state, one experiences, once in Gorodets — shock. Eyes just run away from a lot of clean neat colorful wooden houses decorated with rich carvings.

What is it that attracts? Sincere heart pleasing feeling of livability. Homes in good condition, clean and tidy. But most importantly — Wednesday. Modest, in general, at home, make up a single ensemble.

Source "Nikola key"

"Svyatochtim spring Nicola Key, a place of pilgrimage gorodchan and residents of many parts of Russia. It is located 28 kilometers from the village Gorodtsa Beloglazova. The amazing feature of the source — spring waters are flocking here crosswise. "

Gorodets Orthodox

What to visit

Museum of samovars. The exposition of the museum is located in the estate Grishaeva (XIX) and employs more than 300 samovars. Here is the samovar, the Executive desires.

Museum of the stick. Heznye boards, which were published by Gingerbread, the most interesting examples of cakes, as well as the technology and the history of the fishery. Guests are welcomed aroma of gingerbread.

Children's Museum at Merchant. The exhibition consists of all kinds of toys. Our children playing on the computer, Barbie and other amenities should know what you're playing for yourself and your parents. Meetings of homemade toys and have factory-Soviet.

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