Chernobyl nuclear power plant on a site where there was a cave-in, install ceiling

Specialists of the construction services Chernobyl completed the study designs the machine room in the partial destruction of the light roof, where they plan to set the overlap, the site of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant on Friday.

"For in-depth technical survey and design of the project covering the works brought experts of the Research Institute of Building Structures (NIISK) and Kiev Institute" Energoprojekt "(KIEP)," — said in a statement.

Last Tuesday, in the engine room of the fourth unit of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant was a partial destruction of the walls and light roof, the area of the collapse was about 600 square meters. The Chernobyl said that the change of the radiation situation at the site of Chernobyl exclusion zone and no, no one was hurt.

At the station currently employs two commissions to investigate the causes damage of structural machine room. A commission set up by order of General Director of Chernobyl, the second — as recommended SNRCU.

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