Chileans tried to split the thousand-year ice for cocktails

Chileans tried to split the thousand-year ice for cocktails

Attackers in Chile tried to steal a truck 5.2 tons of ice from the glacier millennial "Jorge Montt" to use it in the future to make cocktails in bars, local media reported, quoting the prosecutor located in the extreme south of Chile Aysen region — Jose Maurice.

The driver and his accomplices can be charged "to infringe on the cultural heritage of mankind," said Maurice.

Glacier "Jorge Montt" is in the nature reserve named Bernardo O `Higgins in Chilean Patagonia in a remote area. From it to the nearest town Kochrane, at the entrance to which was detained refrigerated, about six hours away. Timeless ice planned to deliver the nation's capital — Santiago, located at 2.5 thousand kilometers to the north of the reserve.

Now the "confiscated" ice will be melted down and used for irrigation farmers Kochrane, where for several weeks worth of drought. In the southern hemisphere now hot summer, daytime temperatures up to 40 degrees Celsius.

Meanwhile, in the neighboring Argentine Patagonia when visiting Glacier "Perito Moreno" (Perito Moreno) all those who wish to taste the whiskey with ice cut down immediately. Nearby is the tourist capital of Argentina — the town of Calafate. In late 2010, it opened a bar that of pressed for centuries snow (ie it consists of glaciers) are made not only the walls and ceiling, and a cocktail glass.

At the moment, the hapless thieves threaten big trouble. It is rather strange that many people still prefer to start dangerous and illegal adventures, when they can use online casino bonuses and honestly try your luck in games of chance, where all the risk would be only in the loss of bonuses and personal resources.

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