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In practice, some PSC staff the posts, not involving the use of in their professional weapons and special means, stateless ULCHO. In the security company they are made, not as private security guards, as well as the "controller", "trainee", "disciples guard," etc. By the end of the trial period, they tend to draw up documents for ULCHO.

Hiring people without identity private security guard, be aware that sooner or later will have to decide on the design of their documents for ULCHO. Currently ULCHO issued to persons under 18 years old, not registered in health care for mental illness, alcoholism, drug abuse or addiction.

Consequently, the total number of people on this account, with the exception of those who are under 18, generally not suitable for security activities. How to set it, because to do this time? A candidate for the same job, in practice, never admits that he is an alcoholic or drug addict, or is somewhere in the account. In the workbook is rare to see and record the dismissal of an employee under Art. 81, pp 5 or 6 of the Labour Code, most often under Art. 80 — "voluntarily."

Therefore, for new employees can be set trial period of three months, which is consistent with the Labour Code (see Art. 70 LC RF). During this period, a new employee, as a rule, or the show itself, for example, as an alcoholic, or it can get the data that he hid when applying for a job, or he zarekomenduet from a positive side.

Some PSC established the following list of documents that must be submitted by a candidate applying for a job. These include: passport employment history, identity private security guard (certificate of graduation private security guards) for admission to employment; autobiography, profile, sheet poll, photos 3×4 cm — 4 pc. Certificate from his former place of work absence debt (if required) a certificate of insurance of the state pension insurance. The candidate must be a citizen of Russia.

Some PSE practiced commission consideration of candidates to receive the Commission works, usually once a week. Pre-candidates talk cadres, head of the object, which is supposed to use a candidate, someone from PSC guidelines. Are induced on the candidates prior Help for the place of his previous work and place of residence. This can make the cadres or the chief of the object, which must go candidate. Sometimes even the simple appeal of the place of the former lets you know that there is an employee drank at work, but was fired by Art. TC 80 and not under Art. 81, paragraph 6.

At the place of residence of the candidate is sometimes possible to know that he abuses alcohol or drugs dates waiting in another room, the committee decides whether to receive the candidate. What if the opinion of the candidate the commission split? In this case it is better to refrain from taking or leave the final decision of the director of CHOP.

The results of the Commission approved by the head CHOP, and then communicated to the applicant in writing. Commission consideration of candidates for admission to work, and their preliminary study can reduce the probability of employment of persons who in their properties are not suitable to work as security guards.

Special attention should be on the selection of the guard, the main purpose of which — the exclusion threat. They should be selected on their ability to think, and not on power quality. Reliable security of life and health of the individual means in the first place mental capacity, the ability of discernment, quickly and correctly assess the emerging situation, to take the most appropriate solution, and of course, professionalism and experience.

PSC leader may lose a client, and the guard, if the last selection was carried out with support only for the ability to shoot and the presence of physical force. All bodyguards accompanying the Italian leader of the Christian Democrats Moreau, were killed by terrorists, without even having to leave the car and use weapons. Therefore bodyguards should be people who can prevent the threat and in danger act professionally. Also, when taking people for positions bodyguards advised to check their ability to quickly orient themselves in critical situations and make the right decisions, the level of physical fitness, ability to shoot and drive a car. For these purposes can be developed special tests.

Experience shows that the best bodyguards — former Special Forces soldiers who were law enforcement officers with experience in the field of security. In addition, some schools of preparing bodyguards. But here we must beware of school leavers with a stripped-down or weak curriculum. Moreover, for the money you can and present high school diploma private security course "bodyguard." We can only guess what "capable" of such a "bodyguard."

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