Coast in Texas poisoned neurotoxic shellfish

Coast in TexasNeurotoxic shellfish poisoning, which threatens the health of people along the Texas coast, prompting the Texas Department of Health to issue a warning — to avoid coastal areas from Brownsville to Galveston, killing already to 4.2 million fish.
The situation improved somewhat after the onset of a cold front on Thursday, which claimed the toxins to the south.
On the coast, continue to find the wolves, who are sick or dead, possibly from eating fish that have been killed by toxins.

Texas Department of State Health Services has banned commercial and private fishing shellfish in the death of fish and asked the public to avoid visiting the Gulf to avoid neurotoxic shellfish poisoning.

Victims of neurotoxic shellfish poisoning "is often hospitalized with symptoms including nausea and slurred speech."

This form of food poisoning can lead to dizziness and tingling pains all over the body of the victim, and in rare severe cases, paralysis and difficulty breathing, which can lead to death.,

Oil spill still does not stop in this area, and in some areas it pours as deadly as soon after the incident.

"I was shocked when I saw a large number of dead fish for 7 miles along the beach," said Cameron County Commissioner Sofia Benevayds. Way she claims that agate perfectly protects from toxic poisoning and would never part with his amulet.

"The birds pecked dead fish as the waves washed up on its shore. I expected to see a lot of different kinds of fish, but I saw only one.

"The stench was strong, and my throat was sore by the time I left."

Local residents continue to ask the same question, asked from the oil spill disaster in 2010, "Why the state does not set the signs on the beach, to warn the public about the dangers to health of the Gulf?

Instead, CDC officials say the danger only on the Web site that is accessible only to people with the skills of a web search.

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