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End of the world December 21, 2012, of which the world community to prevent books, movies, newspapers and websites, extremely multifaceted. In suspense modern consumer information mixed eschatological view of Christianity and Judaism, the Mayan civilization, fears of "technological apocalypse", threats from space and all-out nuclear war.

December 21, 2012 — the most widely replicated in the media alleged date of doomsday. Its calculated based on data from the Mayan calendar, which existed in Central America with the 2nd millennium BC on the X century AD According to this calendar, the current time-Baktun cycle (about 5125 years) will end December 21, 2012 (according to some forecasts, 23 December). However, there are no sacred texts Maya, who would argue that humanity will die just after the current baktun.

Despite this, the "last date" by the end of the 2000s, has acquired the widest range of gloomy expectations, because what exactly will happen on this day, does not know any of the interpreters.

Among the most popular versions of the end of the world — space. The threat is a lot of space in the form of "wandering" of the planet Nibiru, which supposedly should soon hit the Earth, resulting in the death of both. Waiting for this end of the world are played in the film by Lars von Trier's "Melancholia" in 2011, received the award at the Cannes Film Festival and the European Film Academy.

At the moment, astronomical studies have not shown such a threat. If Nibiru approaches to Earth at a dangerously close distance, it could be seen by the naked eye since 2010.

Another popular version of the "cosmic version of" end of the world are the Earth's collision with an asteroid or a black hole. Fear of a black hole, in turn, many readers media combine in 2008 with the fear of the Large Hadron Collider (LHC). This particle accelerator, which is one of the most ambitious international science projects, was first launched in September 2008. Many media then warned that the experiments made in the LHC could produce a black hole in the center of France, which is able to tighten a half the globe. In addition, BAC, as expected, was threatening the world another nightmare: opening doors to parallel realities, where on earth could break anything. So far only managed to shake the collider general theory of relativity.

In 2009,
directed by Roland Emmerich took another film about the end of the world with the eloquent title "2012". His story developed "prophecy" Maya in a different direction — an unusually strong stream of neutrinos from the Sun.

In the film, this neutrino flux has dramatically warming the planet's core. As a result, the largest in the world exploded volcano Yellowstone (located in the U.S., the size of the caldera — 55 km to 72km), which, in turn, has caused a huge tsunami. It absorbed all who are not covered himself in a special high-tech ark, which world powers have spent billions of dollars from their national budgets.

In late 2010, the Russian English-language news web site added another touch to the grim picture. Site reported that the approach to the Earth three large object — most likely, the spacecraft. One of them, the largest, was the length of 240 km, claimed resource, referring to the U.S. organization SETI, engaged in the search for extraterrestrial civilizations. The author notes, and asked: is coincidental message "Star Destroyer" for the year before the scheduled end of the Mayan world? Information spread quickly even less authoritative information resources.

SETI later denied this, calling the publication a "canard." If the forecast justified, giant UFO would have reached Earth last November.

By the end of the world in 2012, a number of commentators and summed by the French astrologer, alchemist and soothsayer Nostradamus (1503 — 1566 years). This occurred despite the fact that the tradition of South American civilization have little in common with the ideas and images of Christianity and Judaism, which built his predictions. A series of programs in 2008 on the popular science American channel History Channel called "Nostradamus: 2012" severely criticized by the scientific community for a large number of inaccuracies or deliberate manipulation of facts.

In one of the books of Nostradamus prophecies indicate that the Second Coming will occur just before the advent of Saturn, that is, up to 6 Goals from creation of the Jewish calendar. The Christian era, this corresponds to 2242 or 2243 years, not 2012.

Nostradamus offer religious-political interpretation of the apocalypse: during the end of the world will come to Earth three antichrist, that plunged the world into the fire of war. In the third antichrist paganism again win the East and begins its triumphal march and terrifying to the West.

By the French alchemist began to interpret almost immediately after the appearance of his writings. This contributed to their vivid imagery. For the same reason, none of the predictions can not be considered infallible. For example, the same lines of his work at different times commentators explain the fate of Napoleon Bonaparte, Adolf Hitler and the Turkish sultans, which waged wars of late medieval Europe.

Biblical version of the end of the world as described in Revelation (The last book of the Gospel, dated I — II centuries BC), in addition to Nostradamus and his followers at different times inspired many movements very different directions. Russian principalities unanimously waiting biblical end of the world in 1492. Orthodox church at that time was focused on the Byzantine tradition and the anticipated 7000 years of creation. Theologians were convinced that the world was created in seven days, must come to an end on the seventh millennium. After waiting to be false, the Orthodox Church has decided to postpone the time the alleged end of the world for 1000 years.

At the junction of the XIX and XX centuries from near apocalyptic horror experienced U.S.. Then the end of the world said Seventh Day Adventists, the Bible Society researchers Charles Russell (from the womb of modern society left the Jehovah's Witnesses). Apocalypse in a flood that destroys all white people invaders America and the prophet promised Vovoka of American Paiute Indian Tribe, founder of popular messianic movement "Dance of the Spirit."

In the Russian Empire in 1900, waiting for the Second Coming, the act of self-immolation made about a hundred members of the sect "Brothers and Sisters of the Red Death." In 2008, for the same reasons Penza sect followers Pyotr Kuznetsov buried themselves in an underground cave.

One of the most "explosive cocktail" of apocalyptic ideas include Japanese totalitarian sect "Aum Shinrikyo", which in the early 1990s, had been active in outreach activities that took shape only the Russian Federation. Shoko Asahara, founder of the Buddhist preaching human liberation from worldly desires and the cycle of rebirth, while talking about the great god Shiva Hindu pantheon, and calling himself "the new Christ." Asahara, predicted the end of the world in 1997.

He argued that this would happen as a result of World War III, which will unleash the "beast of the apocalypse" (ie the United States), causing a new nuclear attack on Japan. All-out nuclear war would end humanity as we know it, and the members of the "Aum Shinrikyo" in this case were to survive and give rise to renewed human society. The world could watch the forerunner of this company March 20, 1995, when several followers of Asahara sprayed nerve gas sarin in the Tokyo subway, killing 12 people and injuring at least one thousand.

However, not all interpretations doomsday dark and disturbing. For example, from New Age went a different way of the apocalypse, is very different from many of the above its positive color. New Age — a modern mystical and esoteric subculture, which is free to interpret religious traditions all times, countries and peoples, as well as free calls to the scientific and pseudo-scientific theories.

The main desire of fans new age — change your mind and body, bringing them to a new, more sophisticated level of perception. Surge of interest in New Age in the West took place in 1980 and spawned a host of new philosophical doctrines and trends in art.

Singularity theory, proposed by Terrence McKenna (1946 — 2000 years), ethnobotany, anarchist philosopher and one of the great thinkers of the New Age movement, suggests the following. End of the world will be the zenith of the universe and at the same time — the human mind. Matter can not be destroyed, but rather the most compacted, will be part of an extremely coherent structure, which, in turn, will be similar divine essence.

This idea is also not new. The same reasoning and brilliant British scientist and alchemist Sir Isaac Newton, who lived from 1642 to 1727, but he came out of Christian theology. In the understanding of Newton, not end of the world will happen in the throes of all life. For him it was more important: the old world will be replaced by a new one, and an era of eternal divine grace.

In 2003, discovered several hitherto unknown works of Newton, one of which, from 1705, is devoted to the calculation of the date of the end of the world. Newton, interest in mathematics and astronomy as well as magic and mysticism, was its forecast. After studying the biblical texts, he came to the conclusion that the Second Coming will happen no earlier than 2060. "I say this not to report the end of the world, but to put an end to idle speculation upstarts, often predict the end of time, and thus sow distrust of sacred prophecies, as they are constantly predicting false", — reads the work of Newton .

Which of the doomsday prophecies most likely to say it is impossible. One thing is clear: the fear of the unknown, but is unlikely to brighten up the inevitable apocalypse.

It was completed in 2012, the Mayan calendar, the Cherokees and the Aztecs, the finish also predicted mortality in the writings of Egyptian and Hindu priests. So how does all happen, and whether it will happen, despite the fact that too many points to the possible destruction of mankind? Is the world coming to an accident? Today, all of us, as calculated yet Maya live in the era of the Fifth Sun, known as the "Movement of the Sun." And according to the calculations of the ancient Indians, it is the movement of the earth and must die.

Curious predictions and other ancient peoples — the Sumerians, whose success in mathematics arouse great interest to historians. By the way, they called the date of the end of the world is the same as that specified and all the rest. According to this theory is, the terrible disasters Earth will approach the planet Nibiru, which, according to legend, the gods dwell. So there is, according to both NASA, and mainstream science, the planet, the descriptions of the Sumerians? However, the wait for an answer to this question is left for long. Some astronomers believe that in 2012, Nibiru will shine along with the sun. And if they are right, then it threatens our civilization? Maybe humans already felt the approach of Nibiru's threatening?

One can think of the uninterrupted series of climatic disasters of recent years … So is it possible to escape the floods, tsunamis, volcanic eruptions and other horrors? One of the themes of this film tells about the people who produce individual silos and capsules in case of global cataclysms. However, if the means of salvation for all home planet is not enough, extraterrestrial intelligence (and talking about this very serious players gear!) Will help mankind move to another star. And they think the most famous Russian contactees of extraterrestrial life?

In an interview with one of them it will be about that aliens certainly help earthlings, if everything is the same in 2012 as a result of the Large Hadron Collider will happen end of the world. So can black holes (if any do occur in the collider) to destroy not only the earth, but the entire solar system? And is it true what the LHC is running in test mode, distorted magnetic field of the planet, because of what happened in Thailand tsunami, volcanic eruption in Iceland, the abnormally hot summer in Russia and the extremely cold winter in Europe? What awaits us all in fact, the reasons can be lost, our blue planet, and what nature gave countries the best chance to survive all disasters?

It is in this and try to understand the authors of the documentary. Involved: the Institute of Atomic Energy im.I.V. Kurchatov Alexey Zolotarev, researcher at the Institute of Oceanology im.P.P. Dmitry Shirshov Sonechkin, environmentalist Vladimir Slivyak, director of the Institute of Globalization Delyagin, deputy director of the Institute of Nuclear Physics, Moscow State University Viktor Savrin, futurist Paul Sviridov, writer Dmitry Glukhovsky, forensic psychiatrist Mikhail Vinogradov and others.

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