CODE DISASTER. What terrible prophecy hides the Bible?

The Bible is one of the most mysterious book in the world. For many centuries, people are trying to see in it a
hidden meaning. Many suggest that the texts of the Old Testament contain hidden information about the entire history of mankind. And it seems to confirm this finding. But if the Scriptures do contain forecasts for the future, whether it is inevitable?

Theology and mathematics

Perhaps the first who tried to find a code inside the Bible, was a famous physicist Isaac Newton (1643-1727). He was convinced that the Old Testament — DO NOT just a set of religious rules: it is hidden the key to refer to any event is not earth from the beginning of time.
His calculations were based on the Newton complex processing of each word of the Book of Daniel. The great scientist believed that this book is a history of pre-literate world, and he was chosen by God to explain it. Thus, in particular, he predicted the rebirth of the Jewish state. Newton also worked on the creation of temporary schedule predictions of Daniel. According to this schedule, in particular, it appeared that the world will end in 2060 …
On the theological explorations of Sir Isaac Newton in the Soviet times was known rather narrow circle of specialists. Only the great Russian scientist, Academician Vladimir Vernadsky in his many articles on the brilliant Englishman, described the research and interpretation of the Bible by Newton as a theologian.
Newton continued to deal in the middle of the last century Prague Rabbi Michael-Dev Veysmandel. Being a good mathematician and observant man, he said that if you take the first letter of every fifty of the beginning of Genesis (in ancient Hebrew) and to do it four times, you get the word "Torah." The same pattern is visible in the following books of the Bible. However, the full text of the process due to the lack of computers in those days it was unreal, so the information remains incomplete …

Eliyahu Rips program

At the disposal of the modern computer researchers were able to split-second process massive amounts of numbers. Thus, a native of Riga, doc tor Eliyahu Rips of Hebrew University in Jerusalem, has developed a computer program that automatically calculates all possible intervals between the letters of the Torah (Pentateuch), followed by analysis of each option. He removed the spaces between words, having thus a single-letter series. According to legend, in such a God sent his revelation to Moses on Mount Sinai. It turned out that the book is a giant crossword puzzle, in which combinations of letters overlap each other to form new words!
First, the computer is coded words by searching intervals: in one letter, two, four, ten, etc. Finding a meaningful word, searched next (horizontal, vertical or diagonal) data, which could be associated with it. It turned out that the text of a variety of coded messages and prophecies!
To check out the encyclopedia Rips took thirty-two name of ancient kings and sages, and sixty-four significant dates and put them in your program … And what happened?
The computer was ten million possible combinations, and then went through them all in order.
Scientists discovered the code sequence corresponded only one combination — true!

The Pentagon is interested …

Opening zainteresovalsyaglavny cryptologist U.S. Department of Defense Harold Gans. Having decided to expose "mystifies", he developed an original computer control procedures. The results are shocking: in encoded texts mention not only thirty-two names of biblical characters, but thirty four names of prominent personalities, Gans retrieved from the directory, as well as their place of birth, and facts relevant to their life and work!
Many of these people were born thousands of years after the Bible was written. The encoded names Scripture met Napoleon, Shakespeare, Abraham Lincoln, Stalin, Saddam Hussein … At control compared with other texts such patterns were observed. "I went goose bumps" — recalled scout.
From a biblical code works, and other highly qualified experts. They tried to find in the Old Testament texts mention of known historical events. After the introduction of the keyword machine, "fingering" the desired number sequence searching related words and produce results. For example, the date of the October Revolution — 5678 year from the Creation, or 1917 AD, was crossed with the words "Russia", "communism", "He will fall." Newton's last name — with the word "gravity". "Edison" — with the words "electricity" and "light." "Einstein" — "the theory of relativity." "The Wright Brothers" — "plane." "Kennedy" — "Dallas" and "death-blow to the head." In the "encrypted" The Bible mentions the Second World War, Hiroshima, Watergate Americans landing on the moon, the AIDS epidemic …

Dark prophecies

But, of course, the Bible code enthusiasts interested and future. It appeared not in glowing terms. Thus, the researchers spotted "between the lines" possibility of nuclear war in the next ten years. The word "nuclear" over the letter "m" intersects with the word "Jerusalem" and the latter is combined with the "media frenzy." Perhaps it is a conflict with the Arabs, Israelis, in which terrorists use nuclear weapons. And in plain text Bible says that "the sky recoil like a scroll, and the earth will become a copper and iron" …
Mentioned in the Bible and the comet Shoemaker-Levy. Since it combines the word "Jupiter" and the date — July 16, 1994 On this day the comet fell on Jupiter! The first year, which indicates the code in connection with the comet danger is — 5766-th from the Creation, that is, 2006-th! The number of crosses with the phrase "face on the way to the monastery." It had passed? But complacency. Hereinafter referred to "the heavenly wanderer" and "the promised year."
Number 2010 intersects with the phrase "Day of Terror", below — the words "dark" and "darkness" …
But with the date "2012" relate to a combination of two seemingly contradictory: "The earth is destroyed" and
"Wanderer thrown away, torn apart," What does this mean? 'Fork' of the two options disastrous
and saving? Another important detail: in the pages, which refers to the Apocalypse and the end of the world,
found a coded message "Save" … Means a global catastrophe can be avoided?

Mission Drosnin

American journalist Michael Drosnin, author of the famous book "The Bible Code. Return of account" (2004), verify the authenticity of the cipher, open Eliyahu Rips, found himself in the Bible about some fateful events of the late XX — beginning of XXI century, such as murder Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin in 1995, the New York tragedy of September 11, 2001, the conflicts in the Middle East, the economic collapse in the United States, which began in 2002 .. Rabin, he unsuccessfully tried to warn of the attack for a year before his death.
In 2000-2001. Drosnin managed to meet with the head of the White House by John Podesta, the Palestinian president, Yasser Arafat, Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, to convey the message to Bill Clinton and George W. Bush. Drosnin informed them that the Bible unambiguously coded reference to the offensive in 2006, the nuclear holocaust. Apparently, his warnings were heeded.
The predicted apocalypse did not happen. Or was postponed … According to Drosnin, is encoded in the Bible is only one of the possible variations of events. The question is, why would need a code? Rather, it bears looking into the future, given the potential trends, just as modern futurologists predict the future. But there is such a thing as the human factor … Curiously, he named Eliyahu Rips Drosnin attempts to predict the future by resorting to mechanical reading of the Bible Code, "in vain."
— In our time, he says, the majority believes that the Bible — only monument of ancient folklore, mythology, and the only source of reliable information about the world is science. Others claim that the Bible is the word of God and the truth only in it, and the science is wrong. I do not agree with those of any other. I believe that in time, when we reach a better understanding and science and religion, they will merge into a single knowledge.
It has been over fifteen years since the publication of Eliyahu Rips, and so far no one
mathematics from around the world are not able to refute his calculations.
Many things in the Bible code is still unexplored. Experts say that it resembles a giant jigsaw puzzle — a puzzle with many thousands of pieces of which are still able to add only a few hundred. When the Bible Code will become well known and people will start to use it to predict the future, they find out how much it is difficult. According to Rips, the code contains more information than we can count, and even more so to learn a few lives.
"We have always viewed the Bible as a book. Now we know that the form of the book — just the first incarnation of the Bible and that it is also a computer program that writes Michael Drosnin. — Perhaps the Bible Code is designed to transfer people dosage of Divine Revelation, and each dose technology meets certain period. almost certain that the code has different levels of depth, and probably not so much like a crossword puzzle, but on a hologram. We look only to the combination of two-dimensional, and may be considered to be, at least, three-dimensional design. Just we do not yet know how. "
All scientists who have seen the code agree on the fact that even the most advanced high-speed
computers, including those that are in the inner sanctum of the Pentagon, and even the network, made up of all existing computers can not afford to create a biblical code as it was created three thousand years
ago. The mind that is capable of this, unthinkable …

Irina SHLIONSKAYA. "Secret Power" № 3

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