Complete delivery of equipment for the 220-kV Novocherkassk Plant. Budennogo

December 14, 2010 EnergopromAvtomatizatsiya specialists have completed the supply of equipment control system in the framework of the project branch of OAO "UES FGC" — MES South on the reconstruction of 220 kV "Novocherkassk Plant. Budennog." Upgrade of 220 kV "MSB" will take some of the load from the 220 kV "R-4". Technical re-enhance the reliability of power supply, and will reduce electricity losses during transit through the main networks. The substation was put into operation More than forty years ago. Currently, it is a complex reconstruction, including the introduction of modern process control system based on PTC NPT Expert. The automated control system is constructed in accordance with all the requirements of JSC "FGC UES". ACS is designed to enhance the operation of electrical networks through integrated automation of the collection, processing, transfer of information, decision-making and implementation process management. Hardware and software for NPT Expert — a unique Russian design. A total of 220 kV "NZB" cabinets were shipped to 18 lower, middle and upper level control system. Thanks to the joint efforts of our staff, all equipment was delivered in the shortest possible time. And, despite the adverse weather conditions in the region, the shipment was taking place, which proves the high level of professionalism of our company and shows their ability to work as a cohesive and coordinated team, always ready to meet the customer.

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