Completed general assembly Proton-M with the Canadian telecommunications satellite

Assembly is completed at Baikonur Launch Vehicle (ILV) "Proton-M", which is to put into orbit a Canadian communications satellite "Anik-x1" (Anik G1). On the eve of the MIC in the construction of the A50-92 Russian and foreign specialists performed mechanical docking space head part c rocket "Proton-M", carried out the necessary electrical tests and installed on the head of the space rocket shield Thermocover. Preparations have begun for the final operations of a space rocket "Proton-M" at the processing facility Baikonur: for filling tanks of low pressure booster "Briz-M". As the press service of the Khrunichev. MV Khrunichev, a few days will be the export of ILV Mikal for technical gas station.

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