Completed overhaul in the Volgograd Oblast Children’s Hospital of Infectious Diseases

The two-storey building was completely replaced window units, piping hot and cold water, heating devices. Also carried out work on the device of flooring, false ceiling installation, the replacement of roofing. An overhaul facilities for the temporary storage of medical waste. In addition, the fully replaced the furniture and bought new medical equipment.

Major repairs are not carried out since 1957. In 2010, major overhaul of infectious disease ward number 6, part of the premises infectious disease ward number 4, upgrading fire alarm, etc. In 2012, work will continue.

Year-old patient Daniel does not know much about comfort, close — my mother, and she is quite happy. Six days later, the kid went to the amendment, and doctors, says mother Vera, still do not believe that in the case of the regional children's clinical infectious disease hospital for the first time in 55 years had a major overhaul. Division of Respiratory and intestinal infections by healthcare modernization program is fully updated, bought furniture and medical equipment.

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