Completed Phase 1 trials of a new auxiliary power unit for the An-124

Moscow. January 11. Airports — The first phase of flight testing of gas turbine auxiliary power unit TA18-200-124 developed by JSC "Scientific and Production Enterprise" Aerosil "An-124-100 was successfully completed at the end of 2012, said" AviaPort "deputy general director and chief designer of the company Leonid Plakhov.
He said the test flights on the An-124-100 were carried out on the aircraft, the aircraft owned by the developer. After working for the first phase of flight tests of the APU, the aircraft was transferred to a commercial operation, as it is at the expense of funds earned in the operation of aircraft, in particular, the An-124-100, a developer of aircraft marked "AN" has the ability to conduct research and development work for a new aircraft.

It can be expected that the flight tests with the new APU will be continued at about March and April 2013 the remaining phases of flight tests should not be long and at the end of spring we can expect a successful completion of the flight test APU in the aircraft, said L.Plahov.

He said that the plane has two separate APU — there will be one "full-time" and the new APU APU TA18-200-124 with a capacity of 60 kW generator.

As reported, the planned substantial upgrading operated AN-124-100, which will be carried out, in particular, the replacement of the APU installed on them at the TA18-200-124, which is a modification of the basic model previously certified TA18-200 APU.

Basic APU TA18-200 provides an air launch propulsion aircraft engines, power supply AC 115/200 V with power up to 60 kW, as well as to supply air to the air conditioning system and cabin interiors.

Optimizing turbocharger (centrifugal and centripetal turbine compressor), the combustion chamber, gear and mounted units allowed to provide fuel savings of 30% and a significant (2-fold) reduction in engine weight compared with the previously developed counterparts. The use of modular construction allows to effectively diagnose and repair the engine.

APU allows you to run up to the height of the plane's engines in the 9,000 meters Operating temperature range — ± 60 ° C. Weight (without generator) of 190 kg. Initial assigned resource is 2000/4000 hours / launches. Assigned resource 12/15 thousand hours / launches.

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