Completed Phase I environmental expedition to the island of White: removed 75 tons of trash

August 26 ecological expedition to the island of White completed its work this year. On the island include the latest research and health interventions.

During the work of the detachment of volunteers managed to collect and take on barges of 75 tons of scrap metal, and to make an inventory of the passport danger 75 objects, 5 card schemes areas.

All industrial waste will be delivered to the receiver of scrap metal, and received funds transferred to the Foundation to support children with disabilities Yamal "Yamin".

Participants environmental expedition also took part in the installation of a chapel on an island in the memory of the sailors who died in the Kara Sea in the Great Patriotic War.

White Island is located in the Kara Sea, the Strait of Malygina separated from the Yamal Peninsula. Included in the Yamal-Nenets Autonomous District.

Cleaning of the island, on behalf of Governor Dmitry Yamal Kobylkina, began on July 29. The structure of the environmental unit includes volunteers with special training and experience in extreme conditions.

In addition to the group carried out preparatory training camp. Led a detachment honored traveler Russia, the President of the federation of sports tourism and mountaineering city Noyabr'sk, lifeguard Vladimir Pushkarev, a frequent participant of international environmental projects.

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