Completed preclinical studies of Russian drug for cancer

The company "Avionko", specializing in the development of original drugs for the treatment of cancer, today announced the completion of the early pre-clinical research of innovative drugs for prostate cancer (PC)

The studies were conducted under the state contract with the "Fund for Assistance to Small Innovative Enterprises in the scientific field." This is stated in an official statement.

The drug, which has high activity and a novel mechanism of action, able to deal effectively with hormone independent form of prostate cancer, was obtained as a result of years of study.

According to the company, "Avionko", a new drug candidate, according to some basic properties (such as the ability to inhibit androgen-dependent gene expression and proliferation of prostate cancer cells) outperforms currently used in the clinic of the androgen receptor antagonist, bicalutamide, and comparable in vitro efficacy with a new prostate cancer therapy — drug MDV3100, are at the stage of clinical trials in the United States.

"In the near future we plan to complete preclinical studies and proceed to clinical trials. We are very pleased that today with the help of effective instruments of state support of innovation, we have the ability to create domestic products for the treatment of diseases, the most difficult to treat and represent a special danger to human life and health ", — Said General Director of "Avionko"Nikolay Merkin.

We remind you that in the last few years in our country, a growing number of cases of cancer of the prostate. Experts estimate that over the next decade, the incidence of prostate cancer in Russia could overtake the global figures. In this case, if the treatment of hormone-dependent prostate cancer in the early stages there are quite a variety of approaches, for the treatment of castrate-resistant prostate cancer there are no effective ways.

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