Completed test runner number 10 of the Kama hydroelectric power plant

The company of "Tyazhmash" (Sizran) held control assembly and functional test runner number 10 of the Kama hydroelectric power plant. In the near future the equipment will be sent to the station. This is the third impeller that machine builders produced under a contract entered into in 2009

According to the agreement, the manufacturer has to put on the Kama HPP three runners for hydro units № № 9,10 and 22. Two of them with new impellers put into operation in 2011 and 2012, respectively. After upgrading the capacity of each increased by 3 MW. Start hydraulic unit number 10 is scheduled for July 2013, at the moment it is working on assembling the guide vanes.

In the tests carried out inspection of geometrical dimensions of the machinery gaps in the impeller, check the blades turning mechanism and control the identity of the angles of the blades, as well as hydraulic tests the internal cavity of the impeller for tightness.


Replacement of the main elements of vertical turbine is a priority for comprehensive modernization program (PCM) *. In all of the Kama hydroelectric power plant are replacing the working mechanisms of turbines, working wheel, generator circuit breakers, hydraulic generators stator coolers, replacement of stator windings.

To date, the station upgraded 19 of the 23 operating hydroelectric. In 2013, on the Kama hydroelectric power station is planned to replace the two turbines that will produce "Turboatom" and upgrade two hydro-generator. Complete refurbishment in 2014, as a result of the Kama hydropower installed capacity will increase to 552 MW.

* PCM — long-term program (with the period of the 2012-2020 years. with a view to 2025) prescribes technical re-generating facilities RusHydro. It is planned to replace 55% of turbines, generators and 42% of 61% of the total fleet of transformers RusHydro. This will reverse the trend of the aging of the equipment, renovation of all generating capacity exhaust standard terms and reduce operating costs by reducing the volume of repairs, and process automation. Implementation of RMB will be available at the end to increase the installed capacity of the Company's facilities at 779 MW. The planned increase in production due to the activities of the program will be 1,375,600,000 kWh

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