Completed testing automated complex radio interference Mandate-B1E

Completed testing automated complex radio interference "Mandate-B1E"

Complex obstacles "mandate-B1E" is intended to detect and analyze the direction finding signals which are used in modern radio communication means, to determine the coordinates of radio sources and create radio channels of operating frequencies in the range from 1.5 to 1000 MHz. 

This complex provides for the formulation of impact frequency and time, as well as barrier terrestrial radio communication.

"The mandate-B1E" suppresses the radio as a fixed or a software-tunable frequency (frequency hopping), regardless of the type of modulation. In a controlled area during the entire band complex provides effective suppression of up to 105 radio links with fixed operating frequencies up to 18 lines or radio frequency hopping. The complex provides a real-time cross-section and display electronic environment, work with electronic map of the area, the prioritization of suppression, control, and suppression of the communication channels; further exploration of new channels of communication with jamming; accumulation, documenting, storing the information received, the transfer of all reports on the communication channels.

Complex "mandate" is placed on the KrAZ trucks or Boar with high traffic, that allows you to quickly relocate it even in difficult terrain. Stations are equipped with self-contained complex of power plants, air conditioning, ventilation and heating systems. The equipment stations can operate in temperatures ranging from -50 to +50 degrees Celsius. This allows you to use it in almost any region of the globe.

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