Completed the conceptual design of the aircraft Frigate Ekodzhet

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Of FPG "Rosaviaconsortium" successfully completed the conceptual design program to create a wide-bodied medium-range aircraft "Frigate Ekodzhet."

 March 19, 2013 at the Central Aero-Hydrodynamic Institute of NE Zhukovsky was a meeting on the results of the completion of the conceptual design phase of a wide-bodied medium-range aircraft "Frigate Ekodzhet." The meeting was attended by the project developers and managers of specialized research departments of FSUE "TsAGI".

Head of the "Frigate Ekodzhet" AV Klimov stressed the importance of conceptual design phase in the life cycle of any technical system: "It is at the stage of conceptual design is laid face of future aircraft, confirmed the main technical parameters, determined the feasibility of the project"

Deputy General Director of FSUE "ZAGI" SV Lyapunov praised the level of preparedness and the technological feasibility of the aircraft "Frigate Ekodzhet."

Special attention was paid to the results of aerodynamic testing model aircraft "Frigate Ekodzhet" in WT-102 and WT-106 Federal State Unitary Enterprise "ZAGI."

Noting the high level of aerodynamic perfection aerodynamic design aircraft "Frigate Ekodzhet", as well as the ability to provide unconditional strength structural and aircraft power circuit within the specified limits, the structural weight.

"Frigate ekodzhet" — a family of wide-bodied aircraft, specifically designed for use on routes intensive small and medium-range missiles. The family of "Frigate ekodzhet" includes two versions, which differ from one another passenger capacity, mass characteristics and flight range, "Frigate ekodzhet — 300" — the basic version, designed to carry up to 300 people at a distance of up to 3,500 kilometers, "Frigate ekodzhet 250" — version with 250 seats and increased to 4500-5000 km flight range.

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