Completed the expedition Arktika-2012 on the nuclear icebreaker Russia

Neither the satellites nor the machines can not replace humans. Drifting polar station with local scientists are constantly present in the Arctic from 1937 — with a break for the war and reconstruction. October 9 icebreaker "Russia" returned from the expedition. He took a large team of explorers land "North Pole-39" and landed on an ice floe commemorative station — "North Pole — 40".

Atomic icebreaker "Russia" was released from Murmansk in the afternoon of September 8, and has returned home. During the month voyage "Russia" has overcome more than 5.5 thousand nautical miles in the waters of the Arctic Ocean, most of them — in the ice. This year, her path to the floating station ran through the North Pole.

The main task of high-latitude sea expedition "Arktika-2012" is made, and the drifting polar station "North Pole-39" removed from the ice. Along the way, managed to solve other scientific issues — in particular, have opened a new island. Its occurrence in the archipelago of Franz Josef Land assumed since 2006.

Among the other amenities of scientific observations can be noted passing and installation of drifting buoys on the ice. The work took a lot of effort, but it worked thanks to the team of sailors, airmen and scientists working shoulder to shoulder around the clock. Icebreaker captain believes that in the three years they have become a real team. Importantly, ditching the planned route.

— We roamed around the north pole, and went into the Canadian zone, and out of it, it was very hard to find a suitable ice floe, — says Oleg Shapin, the captain of the nuclear icebreaker "Russia."

The search for the ice took 7 days — three planned by another land none came. Arctic ice at all times let a lot of scientists — in the middle of the expedition station "SP-39" had to move out.

When the Soviet Union withdrew from the Arctic — other countries eagerly moved to remote area. But after the installation of "SP-32" in 2003 worldwide reputation restored. And in some ways the anniversary "SP-40" Getting Started 1 October promises to strengthen the positions.

— Here we are with you at the atomic icebreaker "Russia" — this is symbolic in the sense that the high-latitude regions in the world this year, Russia has made a serious bid for the power of our state, the presence of it in these latitudes — a successful presence. And I'm sure it will be evaluated with the dignity of our country, and with a certain envy abroad, — said Vladimir Sokolov, Head of the High-sea expedition "Arktika-2012".

The following year, the expedition necessarily be repeated. At a minimum, you can not throw the polar explorers landed on the ice floe week ago. Until then restock products will be only once — in the spring.

















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