Completed the joint development of chips Elbrus 2C + ZAO MCST and SUE SPC Elvis


A new stage in the development of Russian microprocessors — signed certificate of acceptance developmental work "Development Kit VLSI type" system on a chip "for use in radar data processing." Completed the joint development of chips "Elbrus 2C +" ZAO "MCST" and SUE SPC "Elvis."

Excerpts from the Act, which was signed by the Commission for the state tests:

"The developed chip is integrated in 1891 VM7YA import VLSI providing high-speed digitized input signal from the antenna systems, their preliminary, primary and secondary digital processing of hard real-time.

The structure consists of four chips designed SUE SPC 'Elvis' specialized processing cores for fast pre-processing the digital signal information and the two developed JSC "MCST" universal processor cores to run universal algorithms of primary and secondary processing. The universal part of the chip is also assigned the task of controlling the operation of the entire 6-core system.

Universal CPU core chip "Elbrus-2C +" is a high-performance general-purpose microprocessor architecture with wide instruction word is parallel to the inner two-cluster organization.

Universal core architecture includes hardware for implementing secure computing provides support for object-oriented programming, provides a means to support the implementation of software x86 platform.

Part of the chip DSP-cluster is a quad multiprocessor system and contains four specialized cores for faster processing digital signal information, working on the general field of data memory, a set of shared registers for the entire cluster control / status register file sharing, the controller DMA, and AXI-switch.

The operating system provides the possibility of organizing computing in hard real-time, hardware-supported redundancy circuits, the possibility of interconnecting circuits in computer systems.

Theft alarm programming for single-purpose cores and means of digital signal processing includes optimizing compiler for C / C + +, focused on multi-processor and multi-threaded processing. "

Excerpt from "The decisions on the approval of the Act state tests":
"ZAO" MCST "begin the established order to release production samples of chips VM7YA 1891."

Features chip

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