Completed the third phase of the reconstruction of the airport Igarka (Krasnoyarsk Territory)

May 20, 2013 Federal State Unitary Enterprise "The administration of civil airports (aerodromes)" was approved by the acceptance certificate for the completed project acceptance committee for the project "Reconstruction of the airport" Igarka "Krasnoyarsk" Stage 3 construction.

 As part of the project contractor, the reconstruction and construction of the following facilities: an apron with the hard shoulder with a total area 65851 square meters, taxiways RD-1 and RD-2 area of 4547 square meters and 3585 respectively, rainwater-drainage network length of 1,685 linear meters and the training ground area of 15346 sq.m.

Renovation and construction at the site were carried out from June 2012 to January 2013.

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