Cottages. Off-season watch online

Cottages.  Off-season watch online
Dacha torment: conflicts of yesterday's friends, neighbors, the airfield side of the fence, who grew up near the house to the skies dump, theft, and sometimes even murder in home gardens. As a law-abiding summer residents protect themselves from the evils that await him at every turn, and with all this, do not break the law? Methods to secure his dacha people Fictions majestic huge amount. In an effort to save the property, which many people in the winter remains in an empty house, people resort sometimes to sudden methods of defense. Some lozhut hope of otherworldly forces: a countless idols in the country. Some even openly warns the possible culprits. They say that such ads help. From time to time osatanevshih constant theft of vacationers go to ruthless measures: leave poisoned food and homemade mines pose! But the poison or mine — the difference is small. In any case, the victim of a robbery cottager converted to the offender. So where did go and who to contact if staying at the cottage converted into a disaster? How to make your life on the suburban area safer and more secure? About all this the audience will find out by looking at the premiere of the documentary film "The Cottages. Off-season" from "line of defense"

Atrocities, killings and other

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