Crystal predicted global disaster in early 2013

Great clairvoyant Edgar Cayce in his readings gave a rather extensive information about crystals used in the Atlantis. For a while one image filled vision Casey crystals. Carved from clear quartz, they glow with inner light. And then more and more often appear one scary giant crystal. In its sides felt unstoppable force. But at the same time it's insight — that the true cause of death of the ancient civilization of Atlantis!

By Plato in his "Dialogues" said Atlanta themselves came in for trouble. But his story is cut off, he reveals the secrets of the tragedy. Reveal it may have just Casey. "Atlanta used crystals for worldly and spiritual goals, — he said. — They were the most powerful drives energy from sunlight and starlight. Their energy helped Atlanteans built palaces and temples and to develop the psychic abilities. But that was the Crystal Tuaoy — Fire Stone. He accumulated energy of the Earth, and its most powerful rays burning through the wall. "

In his revelations Casey saw the great hall, which housed Tuaoy. It was called "The Hall of Light." There's a secret cult ministers gathered and listened to the distant galaxy. But at some point, the long-suffering nature rebelled.

Initially dubious claims Casey
were met with considerable skepticism. But soon, to the surprise of many, there were some confirm this. It turned out that the word "Tuaoy" has parallels in the language of some people. As Casey thought, not all of the ancient people of Atlantis were lost. Some were rescued and brought crystals to other continents!

Still, what the crystal Tuaoy? Where is located? For what purpose was used? Here is what Edgar Cayce in 1933: "Fire stone placed in the center of the building, the inside lined with insulating material resembling asbestos. Dome above the stone was oval, and part of it pushed back to pass radiation of stars. Concentrated through glass prisms (a definition closer to modern sense) cosmic energy influenced the management mechanisms of various means of transportation, which in many respects resembles the modern method of radio remote control.

The building was constructed in such a way that when you open the dome energy remotely worked on the ships, causing them to move. For energy, there was almost no obstacles: ships could be in line of sight or out of the water, or in some shelter.

Crystal is driven by the state only to the initiated! Entity then was among those who ran the radiation stone: with invisible rays impacted stones in the motor vehicles that are either gas rose into the air, or flying low to the ground (for entertainment purposes), or floating on the water and under water.

Thus, the ships were driven concentrated in narrow beams of rays emitted by the stone, located in the center of the building, which now would be called a power station.

The essence of the destructive forces generated due to the fact that the stones are set in different parts of the country to provide energy for all kinds of human activity, have been erroneously set to very high frequencies. This has caused a second disaster, when the country was split into the island, which later underwent further destruction. "

All that said Casey, a terrific way coincides with the information provided to the group of clairvoyants and contactors working on Okunevskaya phenomenon! Although they have not been able to read the text above.

In 1935 it was confirmed the existence of an underground communication between the Sphinx and the Great Pyramid … And under them — the ancient city, where the whole kristalloteka. Get to it have not yet succeeded, but in our time a "multi-faceted crystal spherical object the size of a baseball" were found and brought to the surface. His supernatural qualities were demonstrated at a recent conference in Australia. Deep inside a monolithic object different characters slowly turned over like book pages, when so mentally asks the one who holds the object in his hands. This amazing item that uses a form of technology unknown to us, was recently sent to study at NASA and the U.S.. "

Valery Uvarov in his book "The Wands of Horus" reports the following: "The camera, which is considered the" queen of the tomb, "was one of the chambers of the sanctuary of Thoth, in which the ancient received" wisdom "in" Intercourse with the Gods. "In the center of the camera is a device which was based on two flat quartz crystal display tailored to the output of the mines aimed at Sirius and Ursa Minor Beta. More specifically, the flow of energy coming out of the mines, was sent to these screens.

On a certain day, when the increased activity of "energy sources" of the pyramid, which causes a curvature of space, the priest entered the chamber. At the head of the priest was a special tiara, equipped with specially prepared crystals. He has held a position (focus field of the pyramid) and fell into a particular state in which the priest was able to "hear the Universe." Between quartz appears as if the volume holograms, which saw only a priest with a diadem … "

And finally, the right Uvarov said, "that the basis of" energy sources "Cheops pyramid crystal used, the structure of the crystal lattice which is closest to that of quartz, which is revered by many ancient civilizations as a sacred mineral."

Next V. Uvarov expresses the idea "that the pyramid, in fact, is a powerful resonator vibrating at a frequency set by" energy sources "(crystal). According to some ancient Egyptian texts, the pyramid resonates with the oscillation frequency of the planet, that is working in its frequency range . But the "Energy Source" is a very complex device, with an internal self-contained power source for up to a few thousand years old, works well in the low wavelength range, connecting it with the core of the planet "(Think Tuaoy Edgar Cayce).

During the Second World War, the U.S. Air Force pilots made many flights over the Himalayas between India and China, providing Chinese army with food and ammunition. During one of these trips through a place called "Valley of Death", one of the pilots named James Kausman began to act up the engine, an engine almost stalled, and it was a nightmare in a country where normal weather conditions are: if you are flying over mountain peaks, then falls into the region of eternal ice, and if the lower between the mountains — you are surrounded by a thick fog and clouds. When it was freezing fuel Kausman decided to go below, though it was very dangerous. Plane was strange zigzagging over the tops of the mountains in the direction of the base, which was located in the Indian state of Assa. Kausman flew over the valley. And then right at the bottom, he saw a gigantic white pyramid! It was made of white shiny material. It could be a kind of metal or stone. The pyramid was pure white on all sides. At the top was a huge crystal, sparkling like a jewel. It could be an artificial crystal.

The crew was struck enormous size of the pyramid. Landing near it was not possible. Kausman pyramid circled three times. Then he saw under the wing of the river Brahmaputra and flew to his base. He was confident that if this pyramid will find it will hit the whole world. "

Add to this evidence the Spanish chronicler Francisco Antonio de Fuentes (about 1700), who, in describing the process of the court in the Guatemalan Indians, noted that "before utter sentences, they decided to seek the answer to the oracle. This three judges rise from their seats and head for some kind of cleft. questioning there is a place, where the black transparent stone on the surface of which is a deity and answers. With this same stone taken advice on all matters related to the declaration of war and peace. "

And more! Legendary ruler of the Toltecs Tezcatlipoca possessed miraculous' frosted mirror. " In it, he could see and hear the distant land the thoughts of other people.

…According to geophysicist VY Koneles in his book "descended from heaven and created human beings": "… In the East, there were sacred stones, provides a link between the gods and the transfer of information and orders of the gods through oracles. They call" pupami Earth. " certain cone-shaped object worshiped in Siwa (in the north-west of Egypt) … Such stones are called the "stone of Radiance (Majestic)." They could "communicate with heaven and other places in the world" through the "stone that whispers."

American filmmakers Chris Morton and Cherk Louise Thomas, intrigued by the secret thirteen crystal skulls, undertook the investigation that led them to Canada to the 87-year-old woman, Carol Anne. Anna considers itself the guardian of the karmic talking skull, it inherited from his father, an archaeologist. Carol asked the filmmakers ask only specific questions because oracle crystal behaves like a computer, and answers only to clearly defined questions. She warned them that the machine reads Crystal bad thoughts …

The room dimmed the lights and luminous crystal copper voice squeaked, "You want to know the origin of this vessel, which is called a crystal skull. I will tell you that it was created many, many thousands of years ago, more intellectually developed creatures than you. This vessel contains the minds of many, and one mind. It was made using what you call a psychic, he found the current form of the power of thought. crystallized ideas and knowledge in this vessel. "

The question of why the vessel was exactly the shape of the skull, creaking voice said: "This vessel crystallized because the" third dimension "you need to see, hear and feel. Skull facilitates communication from one brain to another without what you call a person. But you respect the person's head — a repository of the brain. Therefore, this form of the vessel is maintained for hundreds of thousands of years. "

According to the responses of the crystal skull that was used earlier in the esoteric ceremonies Toltec pyramid … Crystal Oracle also told that he was not the only one that will be discovered, and other "containers mind" because "no one person and no one mind can not know everything." When 13 crystal skulls
will be gathered together, awakened humanity will be the custodian of amazing Toltec knowledge. But this is still far from the time. Sensing the question about today's appointment, crystal skulls,
booming otherworldly voice produdel: "The vessel was in this form to promote the unity of Mind and reduce the desire for isolation. We tried to instill in you the concept of unity, but your brain is, alas, only seeks to isolation! .. Your desire for isolation will lead to self-destruction, which happens after a global catastrophe at the beginning of 2013. "

Talking crystal predicted shifting of the poles of the planet, rising sea levels, loss of huge territories and states, and showed in color and volume, and how badly it will happen. On behalf of the Atlantean crystal skull has said, "At one time, long ago, when we realized how many people have forgotten the main purpose of incarnation in the physical dimension that Reason will prevail isolation and on earth major catastrophes occur, we decided to go back to our primordial dimension , but left behind a legacy of our brain.

We know that under the weight of misfortunes that befall this planet, will be those who will have to restore the memory of reincarnation, to heal, to give advice and love gone mad world … A world without knowledge — a world without hope, ruled the fire damage. But when the time comes, and the Earth will come off its axis, the duty of all who seek spiritual knowledge, will instruct others. We are here to tell you that there is … will be … and has already started to change in the mother-earth. We ask you to take the property of mankind is that we will give you the hope to reduce this mass murder. For though you can not change reality, the results can dissipate. "

Today humanity is known about the seven crystal skull. The first in the British Museum, the second in the Washington Smithsonian Museum, the third in the Paris Museum "Trocadero", the other four are in private collections. It is possible that one of them is clever fake, as some crystal skulls do not talk, do not light up and break under torture sophisticated scientists.

Surprisingly, when I became interested in the environment, scientists all that concerns crystals began to flock to me amazing information. Here are comments Cand.Tech.Sci Vitaly Pravdivtseva 'recent times have hypothesized that crystal skull once served as a kind of transceivers operating in the range of mental energy and mental images. And these "transmitters" there is no distance or time barriers. Assume also that the crystal skulls were used for secret communication between initiates at a great distance from each other, not only on different continents, but on different planets. Moreover, the claim that the skull can also "work" today.

Psychic Star Johnson said that with the Crystal Skull "Max" he managed to get in telepathic communication with an extraterrestrial civilization, and that the skull is phenomenon ksenop-loss — of speaking in tongues. Indeed, during the sessions of "cosmic connection" Johnson speaks on some unknown language, as recorded on the tape. He says it is the language in which communicating with extraterrestrial civilizations of ancient Atlantis.

But modern history. October 14, 1988 in the U.S. via the LAN ("Lenksington Broadcast Service") were shown to record interviews with two strangers to each other U.S. intelligence officials, hiding under the name "Falcon" and "Condor". Both claimed that on the instructions of the U.S. government's work program related to UFOs and aliens, that the very small circle of the U.S. government for many years in contact with aliens, and already has some idea of their anatomy, psychology, technical capabilities. The authenticity of the story "Falcon" and "Condor" "confirmed a special inquiry conducted after the interview. We now turn our attention to just one detail, casually mentioned" Falcon ": as a tool to" dalnovideniya "aliens use octagonal transparent crystal. When an alien holds it in his hand, in the crystal having amazing images: it can be landscapes of his native planet, and there may be a picture of the distant past of our Earth … "

It should be noted that U.S. scientists studying the so-called paranormal phenomena, years 40 — 45 ahead of European researchers. So, from the United States in August 1991, was conducted a unique experiment, initiated by his wife Robin and Sandra Foy. Them through the medium of his friend received advice from another world, which reported that, how to conduct sessions on contact with the spirits. They took advantage of them. And Robin Foy managed to communicate with his dead father. Father Robin Foy "materialized" and he was able to see him, and slschat and even embrace. Robin learned not only his appearance, but his voice, and the voice of a father can not be confused with any other. I must say that was a thorough scientific examination of this experiment, the first to do it the Society for Psychical Research Professor Ralph Noise and Arthur Ellison. And Ralph Noise known as dispassionate and skeptical analyst.

Later joined by some outstanding research scientists from around the world and several reputable organizations, in particular such as NASA, the Institute of Science and International intellectual scientific and medical network. Moreover, work was carried out not only in the U.S. but also in Germany, Ireland, the Netherlands, Spain and Switzerland. But I was very very impressed by the experiment, which was called "The essence of the crystal" when scientists demonstrated the spirits sparkling crystal hologram that appeared in a bowl on the table, which then gained a physical form, and the researchers were even able to touch it.

The materials of the experiment were published in both the scientific and popular literature and are known all over the world. So that means long-distance communications in the form of special crystals could well be!

Prepared by: EDAN

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