December 21, 2012 all die

Many of the predictions have been adhered to in 2000, but others have argued that the light must end May 5, 2005, when all the planets were to line up in one line.

The Mayan civilization, which inhabited the area from the southern states of the modern
Mexico to the western border of Honduras, experienced its dawn in the 250 — 900 years BC, and by the time of the Spanish invasion, the best years were behind.

It was Maya, one of the nations of the Americas, had a well-developed script, imaginative, densely populated cities
and deep knowledge of mathematics, astronomy, and the creation of calendars. They were great astronomers, showing the amazing skills of measurements that can be done with the naked eye. Their calculations of the lunar month, the year and the cycle of Venus was more accurate than the Greek.

Coglasno Mayan calendar, the world will end no later than 2012. In the Maya there were many calendars as they are considered "time" as a mix of sacred and spiritual cycles. While the location of days in our Gregorian calendar is used for social, administrative and commercial purposes, the Mayan calendar contained a religious element. For example, each day had a patron spirit and, therefore, could be good for travel or bad for trade.

One of a number called the Long Count calendar. It was created about 355 BC and run from the date, which corresponds to August 11, 3114 BC in our chronology. According to this calendar, December 21, 2012 will be the date

next. We use the decimal numbering system, while the numbering of the Maya based on the number 20, so each section of the calendar has 20 possible values from 0 to 19. The rightmost number of days takes into account, and when the counter reaches 19, it is reset, and stood next to the left increases the value by one. Thus is one day, 20 days meant, was about a year, was about 20 years old, and of 400 years.

The time between and is 5126 years in our reckoning. Currently, between different groups of archaeo-astronomers who study the Mayan calendar, there is a dispute about how to proceed after the date of this: to continue to count to 20 or counter should reset.

Accurate information about who is right, there is, however, if the reading will be extended to 20, it will destroy the conspiracy theories about the end of the world. It was December 21, 2012, according to the prophecies of the Mayan Fifth Sun is over, the era when there will be movement of the earth, from which all perish. An interesting fact is that in 2012, during the December solstice sun will be in the zone of the Milky Way. This simple calculation can make any astronomer. The phenomenon is that when the sun will be in the area, renovation of the world to happen, its new

Messages on options doomsday scheduled for December 21, 2012, Misc. Someone said that to happen, "nuclear holocaust," one of the "harmonic convergence of cosmic rays that pass through the Earth, clean it and rise to higher
vibration ", with the die to two-thirds of the Earth, and the north and south poles will split.

However, representatives of the Enlightenment Western civilization ought not believe bikes some ancient Indians. Every modern man knows that occurs after December 31, not the end of the world, and on 1 January next year. And after on the Mayan calendar comes our December 22, 2012, when still a few days before Christmas, emphasizes

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