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Every day during the summer on the site of Liberty new page book by Alexander Lukashuk "Liharev. Oswald in Minsk."

There are many reasons and objectives forWhat people record the events of life and their experiences in a diary, but it gives the most accurate answer is most often the text itself.

After his arrest, Oswald police searched his belongings and found the entry under the heading "Historic Diary". *

The whole historical story moved on twelve pages, covering events from the arrival in Moscow in October 1959, to March 1962. The last three months before leaving for America entries do — but most of the pages completed and dedicated to the events that take place in Minsk.

Oswald's diary page

Diary of LHA
January 7, 1960

I leave by train from Moscow to Minsk, Belarus.

But then again:

January 7, 1960

Come to Minsk.

In one day? Train? ..

Blog causes a lot of similar questions — it is full of grammatical errors, irresponsible, with large spaces, late additions, sometimes looks as if written in hindsight, in one sitting. Is it a diary?

The answer gives the text itself — is a diary. Entries organized chronologically, but made irregularly, sometimes quite belatedly, with large gaps. NOT a classic of the genre. And spelling modernist — transposed letters, missing, modified names.

As Oswald was dysleksiya — he could not write grammatically correct. But the truth written dysleksiya not affected. Like the time when recordings are made.

And the errors when they occur — only errors, not fake it lies.

January 4 Oswald was summoned to Moscow and Visa Office have issued an annual residence permit, the next day he got the money from the Red Cross, and a day later in the evening went on with things Byelorussia Station.

Diary of LHA
January 7, 1960

I leave by train from Moscow to Minsk, Belarus. The bill for the hotel was at 2,200 rubles, a ticket to Minsk — 150 rubles, so I have a lot of money and hope. I wrote a letter to his brother and mother, which said that never again you do not want to communicate. I'm starting a new life and do not want anything from the old.

On actually he left a day earlier, on January 6. The date in the diary contains the error.

The mother and brother were in the past, there were a money and hope was ahead of Minsk.

By the sound of wheels on the shelf in the night train passenger sleeps, then his dream come true: a foreign tourist and a person without a passport, he becomes a new man — a resident of the capital of a province of the communist empire and a member of the Soviet working class, the most advanced, as then wrote the newspaper, Modern class that holds the future.

He starts a new life and did not want from the old.

So, forgetting about its existence as eggs, caterpillars and vopradnya if he thought, could be considered a butterfly.

* Original attached to the materials of the Warren Commission. The first publication in the Soviet Union took place in 1990 in the journal "Source / Spring" circulation of 400 thousand copies — I was preparing to publish its "Full Oswald Russian Diary" in "Life" magazine for 1964. At the American publication, and, respectively, in my transfer for security reasons have changed the names of people with whom Oswald met in the Soviet Union. This text Belarus — new complete translation of the original. spelling errors are not transferred.

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