Dictation Victor Shalkevich

Today the organizers obschebelorusskoy dictation in Grodno determined that — what specific text sound. This time, it was suggested to read it to Victor Shalkevich. He asked for time to select the relevant passage from the works of writer Alexei Karpyuk.

Dictation, which annually participates several hundred participants, will be held under the slogan "Grodno always with the tongue!". Traditionally, all participants will receive gifts.

Obschebelorusskaya dictation in Grodno will be too late — March 20. As explained by one of the organizers of Paul Mozheyko, Grodno adhere to the initial ideas: the first dictation was to celebrate the 90th anniversary of the Belarusian People's Republic. Why in the This year, participants will write the text authorship Alexei Karpyuk? First, initially, it was agreed to take the work of authors or dedicated Grodno Grodno topics. Second, Paul says Mozheyko in Lately continuing community initiative for the fact that in Grodno properly honor the memory of the writer-countryman, who died in 1992. The authorities have not gone to meet.

Dictation is jointly organized by the organization Grodno Grand Slam, TBM, the Movement "For Freedom", publishing initiative "Grodno library."

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