Disaster scenario.

Thus, the lithosphere moved after meteorite impact and "go" Addicted Greenland:

In lithospheric crash involved two shells: a stone — the lithosphere and the water — the hydrosphere, the ocean. The most dynamic and most mobile is the hydrosphere, so when disaster will only shake the earth, without having to change its shape according to the changed position of the axis of rotation, while the water is rapidly redistributed to create a lot of problems for the land creatures. But the main thing in this, and that in the process of disaster rotation axis moves along the Atlantic Ocean at a speed of 1 m / sec, and like a giant piston pushes the water to the north of the South Atlantic, squeezed from east Africa, and to the west of South America. The huge mass of water rushing into the Arctic Ocean, is full of it and it starts to overflow into the Pacific Ocean through the Bering Strait. If we now compare the width of the Atlantic Ocean (6,000 km) with a width of the Bering Strait (35 km), it becomes clear that most of a slide of ocean water will accumulate in the northern hemisphere, flooding low-lying parts of Europe, Asia, Africa, North and South Americas.

Warm ocean water heated at the equator, moving by inertia in the northern hemisphere, there is a significant cause warming, thick fog and prolonged rains, the Bible said that the heavy rain poured continuously for 40 days and nothing surprising in this


To understand what happens on the Atlantic coast of the northern hemisphere on the first day of the lithospheric disaster, we perform basic calculations. Point of the Earth, located on the equator move the axis of rotation at a speed 463m/sek arbitrary point on the Earth's surface moves relative to the axis of rotation at a speed of 463 cos PQ where PQ — latitude points, hence the center of gravity moves at the speed of Greenland 463 cos 70o = 83.5 m / s. A year later, when Greenland will be on the equator, its velocity will increase by 380m/sek, that is, roughly speaking, the rate of Greenland every day increases by 1m/sek. At day 24 * 60 * 60 = 86400 seconds, so the acceleration due to change in velocity 1m/sek per day, less gravitational acceleration g to 864,000 times. Corresponding bias raises ocean water at 10 meters every 864 kilometers. That is the very first day, the water in the harbor of New York will rise by 75 meters, which in itself is a disaster, because prevents the reception and handling. So the first day in all the ports of the Eastern Coast of the U.S. will come out of the sea coast and flood adjacent to the Atlantic Ocean area.

But we very gently drawn, because there is another more terrible scene — the day bottom of the Atlantic Ocean suddenly leans toward the U.S. and all the water contained in the North Atlantic crashing to the U.S. East Coast with a height of 75 meters! The truth will lie somewhere between these two scenarios. Sea level will actually rise by 75 meters, and at the same time formed a huge tidal wave, to assess the value of which does not just hand raised.


Another, more powerful inertial wave will pass through the Atlantic from south to north. The fact that the South Atlantic coast, bounded on the east Africa and South America to the west form a large shovel, filled with water. When Greenland acceleration begins to push this "shovel" to the South, which is in its water moves by inertia to the opposite end of her bed, and a winding Atlantic rushes to the north. If we consider that at the southern end of his shovel has a width of 8000 km, and on the north only 1600 km, and that the entire length of 20,000 km in length, the shovel will move rapidly, it is clear that the huge inertial wave break into the Arctic Ocean and , leaning slightly to the east because of the rotation of the earth, come down on the West Siberian Plain, reaches its very end, burst into Turgai hollow and it will take a fair bit of water in the ocean is almost dried up Aral Sea. During lithospheric disaster this scenario is played out every time will cause the speed of the lithosphere, and how smoothly this process simply can not happen, then the Atlantic Ocean with incredible zeal to rinse the West Siberian lowland, flood water through its hollow Turgai not only the Aral Sea, and the low-lying territory of Kazakhstan, and the overflow fills the Caspian Sea, from which to scour the Kuma-Manych Atlantic water will be poured into the Azov Sea. All of this has happened and is happening repeatedly, and are evidenced by Turgay trough, the Aral Sea, Uzboy gully through which water flowed from the Aral Sea to the Caspian Sea, the Caspian Sea itself, scour Kuma-Manych and Black Sea.

10,000 years ago in the Black Sea was a fresh water and it lived freshwater fish. Modern theories explain obvious signs of erosion caused by the once powerful streams of water rushing across Turgay hollow ravines Uzboy and Kuma-Manych the fact that during the last Ice Age glacier blocked drains Yenisei, Ob and Irtysh rivers whose water and wash with these hollow. But if this were so, then the water in the Aral and Caspian seas would be fresh, because for 10 thousand years in the Caspian could not accumulate as much salt as it contains in it now, and the chemical composition, it would have been different . Mute reproach of this theory is located at the same latitude closed lake Balkhash, Lake shallow, no deeper than 26 meters — a puddle compared to the Caspian and Aral seas, but it is fresh. It does not dry out the Ili River. Where it flows into Lake Balkhash is fresh, and at the other end — it's about 600 km to the east — salty.


In the first days of the lithospheric disaster waiting southern Europe backfired, and the reason is the same — the inertial tsunami. Mediterranean Sea — is a small ocean and the water level in it, too, will rise by 10 meters on each shift to the west at 864 km, as a result, in the delta of the Po River, located 2,300 kilometers west of the Turkish port Iskendron, is the easternmost port of the Mediterranean Sea, the level water was adjusted to 27 meters higher than that of Venice is a real flood. And it's only the quantity of water rise under the influence of Coriolis forces, without inertial tsunami from which apparently affected all the ports of the Mediterranean and even in Rome, where all roads lead.

In Gibraltar, located at 4000 kilometers west Iskendrona, the water level is established at 46 feet above the water, and the Mediterranean Sea will become noisy stream to flow into the Atlantic Ocean. Impair the Suez Canal. The main suppliers of oil to Europe will be Libya and Algeria.

The main problem to be faced by Europeans, lack of food, for storms, hurricanes, floods, moving to the tropical climate zone and back to moderate — not allow to grow and harvest for 1.5-2 years. But when you consider that the population will inevitably be killed by natural disasters, epidemics, stress, then the economical expenditure of available supply of food, it is enough for everyone.

The Arab world

So, in the early days there are incredibly strong tidal tsunami, which affected many in Russia and the U.S., but the terrible consequences for the stories do not give rise to all these events, they will stop the exchange, because the dollar will not be worth anything. Food will be the most coveted currency — do you have food for the next 2-2.5 years — you are rich, do not — have to die of hunger. First of all, this problem will hit the Arab countries. And after all, what injustice oil they took everything, paying for it with dollars that they can share them at any time to buy food, clothing, entertainment … — but there came a day when many millions of Muslims were treacherously betrayed, condemned to death from starvation. They have no way out. America did not get up to — well, then they will move to Europe to capture food. It is this version of events, called a nostradamusovedami The Third World War the most obvious ..

The Flood

The rise of the water level in the Northern Hemisphere will continue as long as the water begins to overflow: the Pacific Ocean through the Isthmus of Panama, to the Mediterranean Sea through the Straits of Gibraltar and southern France along the canal that connects the Garonne with the Mediterranean Sea, from the Mediterranean Sea — Red Sea on the Suez Canal, through Israel — in the Gulf of Aqaba, in the Turkish province of Antalya — the Persian Gulf, through the Bosporus and Dardanelles — the Black Sea. It will be a real flood.

Way Atlantic Ocean water from the Mediterranean Sea to the Indian Ocean recorded the whole chain is still existing and already dried up salt lakes. In Israel — is a world-famous Dead Sea, in Antalya, a number of dry salt lakes and lakes with extremely high salt concentration.

The first five thousand kilometers of movement of the lithosphere will be relatively smoothly: there Relive volcanoes, earthquakes here and there will be some places water will flood the lowlands, in some places, on the contrary, would be exposed seabed. But the day of the fatal five thousandth abroad. On this day, Equatorial Rift lithosphere extending to the Australasian Antarctic elevation, the South Pacific Rise and the East Pacific Rise, is on the equator and the lithosphere break in on this joint. What is happening can not be called by an earthquake, it is something quite different, and what the name is not, which occurs once in many thousands of years. Mountains come alive, as if they bounce. Stones themselves fly into the air. Brick buildings turn into clouds of dust and rubble. In the area of concentric faults planet people somehow settled with great hunting. Here is a list and not a complete city that will be in the first few minutes wiped out: Addis Ababa, Khartoum, Aswan, Cairo, Aden, Sana'a, Mecca, Riyadh, Jerusalem, Damascus, Rome, Athens, Naples, Milan , Venice, Paris, Lyon, London, Liverpool, Glasgow, Dublin, Montreal. Toronto, Detroit, New York, Philadelphia, Washington, New Orleans, Mexico City, Sydney, Adelaide, Melbourne, Wellington.

Equator near Stockholm, Moscow and Leningrad. Huge tsunami originating in the vast Pacific, roll across the Isthmus of Panama, and passing over the Atlantic, fall on the west coast of Britain. Due to the relatively rapid movement of the lithosphere from middle latitudes to the equator, it is to some extent continues to maintain its previous form, resulting in a low-lying part of Europe, both West and East are below sea level at the equator.

Thus, Spain has become the island, from the UK there were some rocky islets, the East European Plain flooded with water up to the Urals. Innumerable sacrifices, will be under water: Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Belarus, Ukraine, European Russia, the low-lying parts of Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan and Azerbaijan. Probably much could be saved, the Government bother time, but politicians and scientists until the last minute will be "calm people": do not worry, the situation is kept under kontrolem.No worst ahead — a little escape from the flood, we must still somehow survive somehow did not die of hunger and cold.

The New Order

After about a year the Southern coast of Greenland reached the equator and slow movement of the lithosphere. Africa is getting closer and closer to be selected to the South Pole. Heat in Southern Europe will gradually subside. The level of the Mediterranean Sea will begin to drop. Month and a half lithosphere turn another 10 degrees of the equator and Antarctica touches. All south-west coast of Africa will be in the Arctic. Lithosphere moves slower and slower and stops

Map of the world in the Mercator projection takes the form shown in the figure below. South Pole "came" to "inflection point" in which the middle of the South Atlantic Ridge is connected to the middle of the North Atlantic Ridge

Now let's look at a map view of the future flood zone:

As for Russian citizens special interest map of Eurasia, perform a rotation of colored maps of the world and cut out of it Eurasia. In this figure, clearly visible areas of northern Eurasia, which will be flooded with new Russian and West Siberian seas of the Arctic Ocean. This card — graphic reminder Slavs indicating dangerous places in which in any case should not stay long if lithospheric catastrophe has already started to move the poles of the planet.

It is interesting to compare the previous card with the card I got from ZetaTalk:

As you can see different cards, but for the European territory of Russia, both sides give a pessimistic outlook.

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