Dmitriev: KGB is trying to save face

An activist of the "Tell the Truth" Andrey Dmitriev said the money, which referred to the KGB on the site, were confiscated from political analyst Svetlana Naumova police in May last year. The money was never returned.

Svetlana Naumova, died March 10 after a long illness. March 12, the farewell to the deceased. Andrey Dmitriev said in an interview with "Freedom":

"It is interesting that the KGB still care about his own image in the eyes of the people. And partly that they have published, really. Really, the money Svetlana Andreevny were seized during a raid on May 18. And it was seized by police. Then were searched at the offices of "Tell the truth," I have been detained, Nyaklyayeu and Sergei Wozniak. It was money aside for the operation. In that case Svetlana Andriivna was neither accused nor suspected. But the money and the technology it has not yet been returned. So actually it's not the KGB confiscated, and the Interior Ministry. Svetlana Andriivna repeatedly requested by the competent authorities about the money. But the answer or not, or it was negative. And who withdraws the Interior Ministry or the KGB — is they let each decide. "

As for the possibility to attend the funeral of the deceased, the Andrey Dmitriev confirmed that his interrogation was canceled today because of the absence of lawyers. He noted that if the interrogation took place today, it would prevent him help relatives Naumova.

As to what Nyaklyayeu not filed a motion to change the measure of restraint to him in connection with the burial of Svetlana Naumova, Andrey Dmitriev said:

"I would advise them to himself again to read what they have written and consider whether it is to remember. Nekljaev, it turns out, had write a statement to say goodbye to a loved one. Is it worth it in times like these raise a bureaucracy? "

Why, according to Dmitriev, it emerged today explaining the KGB?

"I think this is such an attempt to save face. Some things, if people want to somehow be human. But this can not be done on the site posting a retraction. Would be better if they put up sympathy for the family and friends."

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