Downpours led to flooding in some areas of central Bangkok

Heavy rains led to flooding of streets in a number of central areas of the capital of Thailand, the water level rose by 30 centimeters.

The element of the areas flooded in the business and historical center that a huge effort was saved from catastrophic flooding last fall.

Showers are in Bangkok for three days with breaks for two to three hours, during which time the accumulated water does not have time to completely drain from the streets. On Wednesday, the traffic in the city center was completely paralyzed for five hours. On Thursday and Friday of private cars on the streets much less, as public transport is crowded.

In the middle of the day on Friday in the heart of Bangkok, where many government agencies on major highways around the edges of the carriageway water level reaches 35-40 centimeters, making extreme lanes inaccessible to cars. The same depth of water immediately after rain was observed in some parts of Sukhumvit Road in downtown.

The cleaning of drains, clogged which caused the flooding, have shown that the cause of flooding was sand, which last year was used for the construction of softening plants, filling their plastic bags and folding of these bags barriers.

"We found that the drains are clogged with sand from packing bags. Turns out that the excess sand that remained after stuffing is not taken out, and simply poured into the drain. On the probability of heavy rains this year, then no one thought," — said in an interview with Third National TV Channel Narongrit Darathip, a senior officer of the province of Pathum Thani prison, the prisoners who worked for the clearing of drains in the center of Bangkok.

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