Drought in China and difficult path for water

Severe drought struck this year the southern and eastern provinces of China. In a remote village in Guizhou Province eight-children every day doing a dangerous path through the narrow paths of the high cliff to fetch some water.

The village Shuylyao live mostly old people and children, almost all working-age population went to the city to work.

Do not have time to start the school year, and in the village declared a holiday due to too hot weather. Currently, students organized the so-called "children's column for the extraction of water." Every day they took turns, accompanied by an adult go to the spring for water, sometimes making several trips a day.

Spring is located a kilometer away, but must go through the narrow mountain trails that ran over bottomless precipices, which sometimes put only half of the foot.

According to the latest data provided by local authorities in Guizhou Province from the drought affected 21.13 million people, of which 6,223,700 people are affected by severe water shortages.

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