During January 2012. Omsk rubber sold abroad more than 20,000 tons of its products

Basically, the company ships its products to Asia. Abroad Omsk sell rubber, acetone, MTBE, isopropyl benzene and propylene.

Since the beginning of 2012 the oldest company "Titan" — plant "Omsk rubber" — sold in foreign markets more than 20 thousand tons of its products. Despite the projected global experts crisis, sales of Siberian himgiganta remain at a high level.

According to the company "Titan", the Asian market, where, in general, is a production of the plant is still quite active, especially in view of the winter season. From the beginning, now sold about 3 million tons of products cover — rubber, the same volume of acetone (Belarus, China, Uzbekistan), more than 12 thousand tonnes of MTBE (the main consumers — Finland), thousand tons of isopropyl benzene and more than 3,000 tons of propylene (Romania , Poland). Analyzing the geography of sales professionals "Titan" note that in recent years has increased the consumer market in Russia, due to which, respectively, are sometimes reduced amounts of foreign supplies. The number of partner countries in 2011 amounted to more than thirty.

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