Earthquake in Guatemala caused severe damage to the monuments of history

Experts assess the damage otsilnogo earthquake in Guatemala last week that killed 42 people, showed lesions in numerous historical and cultural heritage of this Central American country, local media reported.

According to some data, the earthquake caused the Nov. 7 death of 42 people and 155 injured, another 18.7 thousand evacuated. Economy of some regions of Guatemala was a large loss of the element damaged about 10,000 buildings.

In the department of San Marcos, the most affected by the earthquake, a lot of damage caused by the so-called "Mayan Palace" and the municipal building "Quetzal". In the department of Quetzaltenango in five historic buildings, cracks, and in the department of Solola once 10 churches of the 17th century were damaged.

Now experts inspect damaged buildings and calculate the exact damage.

Meanwhile, on Monday, it was announced that the President of Guatemala, Otto Perez Molina immediately canceled two foreign visit in connection with the serious consequences of the earthquake. The Head of State will not go to the Vatican, on Thursday was scheduled to meet with the head of the Roman Catholic Church, Pope Benedict XVI, and will not participate in the Ibero-American Summit, scheduled at the end of the week in Spanish Cadiz.

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